A ministry is an Imperial title that empowers the holder to purchase one or more valuable resources. The Imperial Senate can create ministries that allow the title holder to exchange money for herbs, liao, mana crystals or materials such as green iron or weltsilver.

Many ministries have been appointed over the years with specific goals or the support of specific structures in mind. A ministry differs from a sinecure in a number of ways, but the most obvious is that the sinecure provides a specific income of set materials, while a ministry is potentially able to purchase large amounts of material as their needs and opportunities dictate.

Ministries may be appointed for life or re-elected annually.


Each downtime, a character who controls a ministry will have the option to spend money from their inventory to buy the materials the ministry provides. Each minister has a specific set of options as to what they may purchase and at what price. Ministers spend their money and make their choices during downtime from their character page. Resources purchased are placed in the inventory when the downtime is processed. The specific choices the character can make depend on the nature of the ministerial position and the number of wains spent setting the position up.

For example, a minister who is appointed to operate a vast Mana market in Morrow might have the choice of whether to buy 21 mana crystals for 18 crowns; 42 mana crystals for 36 crowns; or 63 mana crystals for 54 crowns. They could not spend 9 crowns to buy 7 mana crystals.

Senate Commissions

The Imperial Senate may pass a motion for the construction of an establishment that allows the purchase of herbs, resources or similar. This motion automatically results in the creation of a ministry once the construction is complete.

It is also possible for the Senate to pass a motion to upgrade a ministry, increasing the benefits that it provides.


  • Materials: Variable (minimum 12 wains)
  • Time: 3 months to construct per 50 wains of materials used
  • Labour: 2 crowns per wain
  • Upkeep: None

The more resources are devoted to constructing a ministry, the more resources can be purchased each downtime. Under normal circumstances, the material required will be the one associated with upgrading an equivalent personal resource. For example, at least 12 wains of mithril is required to create a ministry that allows the purchase of mana crystals.

In addition to the wains required, it costs 2 crowns per wain to pay for labour and skills to complete the construction.

12 Wains

Purchase Price Ingots Herbs Mana Crystals
140 Rings 12 16 8
340 Rings 24 33 16
600 Rings 36 50 25

16 Wains

Purchase Price Ingots Herbs Mana Crystals
140 Rings 12 16 8
340 Rings 24 33 16
600 Rings 36 50 25
920 Rings 48 67 33

20 Wains

Purchase Price Ingots Herbs Mana Crystals
140 Rings 12 16 8
340 Rings 24 33 16
600 Rings 36 50 25
920 Rings 48 67 33
1300 Rings 60 84 42

The tables shows some standard purchase costs for a range of different sized ministries. For example a ministry created by the Senate using 16 wains of mithril could allow the purchase of 8, 16, 25, or 33 mana crystals each season. There is no upper limit on how many wains can be used to construct a ministry; provided at least 12 wains are used, then any amount can be spent to build it.


It is not possible to create a ministry which allows the purchase of ilium, liao, mithril, weirwood, or white granite.

Although a ministry produces items like a personal resource, it cannot be upgraded or diversified in the same way a personal resource can. The only options available are what materials to buy. A ministry that produces liao will not come with an option to sell that liao in downtime, a ministry that produces green iron cannot be paid to produce more in the way a green iron mine could.

Ministries are not affected by rituals that target a personal resource. A ritual that increases the production of a green iron mine will not affect a ministry that produces green iron.


Any citizen who is granted a ministry is expected to be responsible for any problems that might beset the resources represented by the ministry. For example, if bandit raiders are threatening the mines overseen by the Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills, then the Empire will expect that citizen to deal with the problem.

Recent Ministries

The list includes all ministries which have been created or appointed in recent times.

Name of Ministry Method of Appointment Location Output Tenure
Bailiff of the Grand Market Bourse, Marches, Farms Mitwold, Meade March Assorted Year, Winter
Bonesetter of Torfast Trading Post Bourse, Imperial Orcs, Military Units Skarsind, Southpine Assorted Year, Spring
Blackroot Broker Senate, Navarr Miaren, Holtford Assorted Year, Summer
Broker of Treji Wayhouse Bourse, Navarr, Herb Gardens Hercynia, The Glen of Shadows Assorted Year, Summer
Burgher of Ketsov Bourse, Varushka, Forests and Mines Ossium, Galath Fields Assorted Year, Summer
Celesti Lighthouse Keeper Senate, Brass Coast Feroz, Oranseri Mana crystals Year, Spring
Eastern Broker Senate, Navarr Therunin, Peakedge Assorted Year, Summer
Kruidenkenner Trademaster Bourse, Open auction Necropolis, Longbeach Herbs Year, Spring
Custodian of the Assayer's Guild Bourse, The League, Businesses Temeschwar, Locul Metals Year, Spring
Custodian of Ivarsgard Docks Bourse, Varushka, Forests and Mines Karsk, Lestazny Herbs Year, Spring
Dhomiro of the Cinnabar Hills Bourse, Brass Coast, Fleets Kahraman, Braydon's Jasse Metals Year, Autumn
Foreman of the Mines of Gulhule Bourse, Imperial Orcs, Military Units Skarsind, Estermark Metals Year, Spring
Four Seasons' Boneweaver Bourse, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Estermark Mana crystals Year, Winter
High Herbalist of Sybella Senate, Highguard Bastion, Sybela Cross Herbs Lifetime
Kalpaheim Tradeholder Bourse, Wintermark, Military Units Hahnmark, Kalpamark Assorted Year, Summer
Liaison to the Temple in Nemoria Synod, Freeborn Assembly Nemoria, Asavea Assorted Year, Winter
Magic Butcher Senate, The League Temeschwar, Hanuri Mana crystals Year, Spring
Master of the Clearing House Senate, The League Tassato, Tassato Mestra Herbs Year, Summer
Master of the Root and Stem Bourse, Marches, Farms Mitwold, Meade March Bladeroot Year, Summer
Master of Sarcombe Metal Market Senate, The Marches Mournwold, Southmoor Metals Year, Autumn
Mistress of the Glass Parador Bourse, Brass Coast, Fleets Madruga, Siroc Plains Assorted Year, Summer
Northbound Trademaster Bourse, The League, Businesses Temeschwar, Hanuri Assorted Year, Summer
Overseer of the Cavabianca Dock Bourse, The League, Businesses Sarvos, Cigno White granite Year, Summer
Overseer of the Westward Road Bourse, Varushka, Forests and Mines Karov, Duzekani Assorted Year, Winter
Quaymaster of the Black Sails Synod, Assembly of Loyalty Necropolis, Longbeach Assorted Year, Autumn
Steward of the Sarvos Mana Exchange Senate, The League Sarvos, Cigno Mana crystals Year, Spring
Steward of the Tassato Mana Exchange Senate, The League Tassato, Tassato Mestra Mana crystals Year, Summer
Vizier of the Incarnadine Satchel Bourse, Brass Coast, Fleets Feroz, Morajasse Herbs Year, Spring