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Iago Melfizzi, first Bursar of the Conclave


The Bursar of the Conclave is an Imperial title bestowed on a magician. It is appointed through the Conclave.

The position was established by unanimous vote of the Imperial Senate in Summer 377YE. The vote followed extensive political manoeuvring within the Conclave, and a Declaration of Concord laying out the responsibilities and powers the magicians wished the Bursar to possess. During Autumn 380YE, the Bursar's ability to participate in the gambits of the Conclave was rendered moot when certain errors that had crept into the Conclave procedures were corrected.

At the same time as the previous errors were being corrected, new opportunities to acquire crystal mana from magicians who did not attend Anvil were presented, offering the Bursar an alternative way to increase the supply of mana crystals for Imperial magicians who attend Anvil. During the Winter Solstice 385YE Aleksandr Zoravich Novosad, the Arcane Architect, announced a new commission, a market for mana in Karsk that would decrease the cost to the Bursar for purchasing mana crystals - though reducing the overall amount available.


The purpose of the Bursar is to help the Conclave raise money to acquire resources for Conclave members and to arrange the purchase of materials and items that the Conclave wishes to acquire. They are expected to liaise closely with the archmages and the grandmasters of the orders to identify what is available and what is required.


Assayer of the Font

The Bursar of the Conclave is empowered to raise a single Declaration of Endowment each summit to the agenda for debate during a Conclave session. The Civil Service will provide the Bursar of the Conclave with a single writ - to submit their declaration to the Conclave agenda they should complete the writ and hand it to the office of the Prefect of the Conclave at least one hour before the Conclave session begins.

Unlike a grandmaster, the Bursar of the Conclave is personally responsible for any presentation. While a proxy may be appointed to deliver the presentation, their declaration is recorded as having come from the Bursar of the Conclave.

In theory this declaration is intended to allow the Bursar to distribute mana from the Font, but in practice can be used in any way they wish.

Funding the Conclave

Market for Mana
7 crowns8 mana crystals
17 crowns16 mana crystals
30 crowns25 mana crystals
46 crowns33 mana crystals
65 crowns42 mana crystals

The Bursar has the ability to spend money to buy mana crystals. They can spend money each season as if they controlled a ministry. Money spent in this manner is used to buy directly from other Imperial citizens who have access to crystal mana, with the assistance of several civil servants. The mana is provided to the Bursar at the start of the next summit.

The Bursar is the sole arbiter of how this mana is to be used, within the remit of their responsibilities.


The appointment, replacement, or removal of the Bursar is made by the Declaration of Candidacy as part of a Conclave session. A candidate can be presented for the post of Bursar only once a season.

The Bursar serves until they are replaced by another magician using the Declaration of Candidacy. As a title in the Conclave, the Bursar cannot be revoked.

Brynn Vision Enduring, Bursar of the Conclave
Spring Equinox 385YEUrizenBrynn Vision Enduring
Autumn Equinox 380YEUrizenAbel
Autumn Equinox 377YEThe LeagueIago Melfizzi

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Brynn Vision Enduring; it can be reelected at any summit by a declaration of candidacy. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.