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Candidacy determines who holds power in the Conclave - and for how long.


Unlike most Imperial titles, there are no regular election dates for any Imperial titles appointed by the Conclave. However a new election can be called for any position at any Conclave session using a Declaration of Candidacy. If a declaration is raised, there is no debate; rather the civil service invite candidates for the position to put themselves forward and then each is given an opportunity to present their case to the Conclave.

Those present are able to vote for the incumbent or any candidates who put themselves forward. Magicians can also vote for "none of the above" if they wish the title to become or remain vacant.

The Throne has the power to raise a Declaration of Candidacy each summit.

Necessary Details

  • The Declaration must name one position that is elected by the Conclave
  • No candidate is needed, the Declaration of Candidacy asks the Conclave to consider candidates for the position

A Declaration of Candidacy must explicitly name a single Imperial title that the Conclave should consider. Rather than stating that a specific person should hold the title, the declaration is usually phrased as "The Conclave should consider candidates for the Imperial position of..."


  • After the Declaration is announced, the orders have a minute to discuss the matter
  • During this time, any citizen who wishes to be a candidate must present themselves to the Civil Service to be considered by the Conclave
  • Every candidate has an opportunity to address the Conclave to make their case, but they must pay mana to speak
  • The Conclave moves to vote after each candidate has had one chance to speak
  • Magicians present can vote for the incumbent, any of the candidates, or for the position to remain vacant

The Declaration of Candidacy takes place alongside other declarations as part of the Conclave agenda, but the process of enacting the declaration is different. After the presentation is made, there is a a minute for the orders to discuss the matter. During this time, any member of the Conclave who wishes to be a candidate may inform the Civil Service of their intention to stand.

The Civil Service make a list of the names of the candidates. Once they have everyone, they will announce each name in turn. The candidate can then choose to address Conclave to explain why they should take the position, but they must pay mana to do so in accordance with the Principle of Proportions - one mana for the first minute and so on.

There is no additional debate. Once the last candidate has spoken, the orders have a minute to discuss the matter among themselves, before voting commences. Every magician present may vote for one of the candidates. The incumbent is always an option (even if they are not present), unless they have specifically stepped aside. There will also be an option for "none of the above", meaning that the title falls vacant.


  • The winning candidate has the option to accept the Imperial title at the end of the Conclave session

If the vote results in a new title holder, the chosen candidate assumes all the responsibilities and powers of the title at the end of the Conclave session. It is the responsibility of the previous holder of the title to ensure that all regalia passes to the new title holder speedily and with the minimum of fuss.

Every Imperial title appointed by Declaration of Candidacy has tenure; they remain in position until they die, resign the title, or are replaced by a new declaration. The Constitution states that the Conclave "shall be guided by fraternities of magicians under the general aegis of the Senate, and without interference from the Synod." As a result it is not possible for the Imperial Synod to revoke an Imperial title appointed by the Conclave.

Titles appointed by Candidacy

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