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The Arcane Colloquium is an opportunity for the archmages to address the magicians of the Empire.


The Arcane Colloquium is a special session of the Imperial Conclave that takes place on Saturday afternoon during each summit at Anvil. Beginning at three in the afternoon, it lasts for an hour and a half. During this time the Hall of Worlds hosts a series of addresses, lectures, and seminars by each of the six archmages, supported by the Civil Service. Any Imperial magician is free to attend, as are representatives of friendly nations and the heralds of eternals that are not under enmity.

Each archmage is free to use their time as they see fit - they can set the agenda as they please, and decide who is allowed to speak. In many ways, each segment of the Colloquium can be seen as an opportunity for an "audience" with a specific archmage, in a very similar manner to which many eternals participate in audiences with the magicians of the Empire.

The Arcane Colloquium was established during the reign of Empress Aenea in response to requests from the archmages for a way to speak to the magicians of the Empire about pressing matters. It fell out of favour during the changes to the Conclave that took place in the reign of Emperor Nicovar, replaced by the declaration of address. Following the reign of Empress Lisabetta, the Civil Service reinstituted the colloquium as part of the Conclave restructuring.


  • The Arcane Colloquium begins at three in the afternoon on Saturday each event
  • During the Arcane Colloquium, each archmage has a quarter of an hour to talk with assembled magicians
  • Time is allocated to the archmages in order of seniority
  • Speaking does not require mana but the rules for parley are in effect throughout
  • There is a short break of 15 minutes between the third and fourth sessions

The Arcane Colloquium is split into six quarter-hour sessions, each given over to one of the archmages. Seniority is given to the archmage who has served in the post for the longest uninterrupted period. The running order is based on the length of service of the individual archmages. The current order is Day, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, and finally Night.

The rules of parley are in effect throughout the colloquium. The archmage in charge of each segment determines who may speak. They cannot forbid entry to the Hall of Worlds, but no magician may speak during the colloquium without permission from the presiding archmage - not even the other archmages. Speaking does not require a payment of mana, and the archmage may silence the speaker at any point. Anyone who chooses to ignore the archmage may be removed by the Civil Service or the magicians present, and as with any other violation of parley may be prosecuted for an act of subverting agencies of the state.

At the end of each segment, the presiding archmage hands over to their next colleague in order of seniority. There is often some disruption during this handover, but refusal to cede the floor when asked to do so may also be prosecuted as subverting agencies of the state.


  • Each archmage is free to use the time allocated to them as they see fit
  • The archmage can send their proxy to take the floor in the Arcane Colloquium if they prefer

Exactly what happens during the Arcane Colloquium is a matter for each individual archmage. During their segment of the Arcane Colloquium, the archmage often begins with an address discussing matters relevant to the realm they represent. It can be an ideal time to discuss relations with eternals, or to highlight matters specific to their realm. The expectation is that magicians who have a vested interest in the appropriate realm lore will be able to attend, commune with their peers, and be kept up to date with matters relevant to them.

"You think I speak off the cuff? The key to a good address is preparation. Rehearse it to yourself in your head, keep it down to a minute. Use your outdoor voice. Stick to the point, and for Virtue's sake don't bore them. Make one joke, and time it right. Have them laughing, and they will stand a chance of recalling what you said!"

Iulian Shatterspire

There is no requirement that the archmage does all the talking themselves, however. The power of parley allows them to recognise anyone who wishes to speak not only so that they can engage in a debate but also to take a turn addressing the assembled magicians. They or their proxy are also free to grant the floor to anyone they choose for as long as they please.

The colloquium is often seen as an opportunity for magicians to speak with their archmage - quiet discussion groups may continue even during the segments ceded to the other archmages as long as everyone involved is quiet and respectful. The colloquium also provides an opportunity for foreign magicians and the heralds of eternals to find expert practitioners of specific lores, confident that at least some of them will be in the Hall of Worlds attending the discussions and presentations.

If the archmage is unable or unwilling to attend for any reason, they can send a proxy in their steed. If the archmage or their legal proxy is not present, then that section of the Colloquium is cancelled. Magicians present are free to use the time as they please.

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