This page is about the declaration by the Imperial Conclave. For details of Imperial lore and the ritual list see formulaic ritual.


Rituals that are part of Imperial lore are widely available to any Imperial citizen. Any Imperial magician can learn to master a formulaic ritual that is part of Imperial lore, making the ritual significantly easier and cheaper to cast.

New rituals are added to Imperial lore by this declaration. The declaration instructs the civil service to arrange for a specific ritual text to be duplicated and disseminated to magicians across the Empire, adding it to the body of Imperial lore that is available to every citizen.


The ritual to be included in Imperial lore must be explicitly named as part of the declaration. At the point in the Conclave session where the civil service invite the magician raising the declaration to present it, that magician must present a completed formulaic ritual text for the named ritual. If they cannot hand over the ritual text at the start of the declaration then the agenda item is immediately cancelled and matters move to the next item.

The civil service will hold the ritual text throughout the declaration. The civil service will not pause the Conclave session to allow examination of the ritual text - but any grandmaster may send a single representative to examine the text while the declaration is debated. The declaration proceeds as normal, and given the time constraints it is common but not required for the magician raising the declaration to ensure the grandmasters are already familiar with the ritual text.

If the vote passes then the civil service will keep the ritual text so that it can be used to disseminate the ritual; if the vote fails then ritual text will be returned to the magician raising the declaration.


To be successful a declaration of Imperial lore requires two additional criteria to be met.

  • A ritual text detailing the ritual must be provided to the civil service. The ritual text is expended as part of the process of disseminating the ritual.
  • Ten thrones to pay for distribution of the ritual (OOC: These funds should be placed in the inventory of a character, who should email with details of their CID and the ritual being paid for after the event.)

Once a ritual is added to Imperial lore it is currently impossible to remove it. The best the Conclave can do is attempt to declare performance of the ritual to be illegal with the Declaration of Interdiction.

During a recent conclave session, a ritual was the subject of a declaration of Imperial lore on the strength of an arcane projection. The declaration passed and a similar codified ritual was eventually added to Imperial lore, but the civil service note that it is not legal to proceed in this matter and it would not be allowed in the future.

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