While rituals that are part of Imperial lore are available to any Imperial citizen, there are circumstances where a magician might wish to share one of these rituals with someone else, or they may simply desire a ritual text for their own personal library. Doing so invariably requires the creation of a ritual text, which can be handed over to the target.

While titles such as the Dean of the Lyceum and the Master of Ice and Darkness have the ability to create a ritual text, it is rarely worth recreating such an object from "scratch" - it is time consuming and potentially expensive. Instead, the Conclave can instruct the civil service to create a ritual text for an existing ritual that is part of Imperial lore.


A magician who brings a declaration of dissemination before the conclave must name a specific ritual that is part of Imperial lore. They may also name a person or group who will receive the ritual text - for example "the Jarmish house of Radz", "the Asavean ambassador", or "Arlen Weaver of Dawn".


Creating a ritual text through the declaration of dissemination requires ten thrones to pay for the codification of the ritual. (OOC: These funds should be placed in the inventory of a character, who should email plot@profounddecisions.co.uk with details of their CID and the ritual being paid for after the event.)

If the declaration passes, and the money is provided, the civil service will arrange to create a ritual text and deliver it to the individual by the start of the next solstice or equinox at the latest.

The ritual text becomes the sole legal property of the named person or group; it is not possible to rescind this declaration later.

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