These ports are closed to Imperial traders (as detailed in all at sea wind of fortune


There are three ports available to characters with the fleet resource; Kavor in the north, Vezak in the south and Rigia in the east. The most common resource gained by trading with Jarm is mana crystals.

The two older city-ports are fierce rivals. Vezak is one of the oldest cities in one of the most influential Principalities, but Kavor may be wealthier - the northern Principalities are much richer in valuable green iron and iridescent gloaming than the southern or eastern Principalities, and parlay their wealth into power in the politics of the Princes.

The powerful Magician-Princes of Kavor and Vezak (and their supporters) seemed to have a vested interest in preventing Imperial access to Rigia. Recently, however (in 379YE) the eastern port of Rigia was opened to Imperial trade. This marked a significant shift in Jarmish politics - an "upstart alliance" of eastern Magician-Princes are apparently challenging the status quo in the Principalities. The older factions have made much of the fact that they appear to be doing so with significant Imperial support.

Wise merchants avoid being caught up in the intrigues of the Magician-Princes if they can, but sometimes it is impossible. At the very least, it is easy for a merchant who is known to spend time trading with one of these ports to receive a frosty reputation in the other ... and anyone openly siding with the eastern Principalities is likely to be seen as an enemy by both established factions.

Kavor (Northern Principalities of Jarm)

Fortified Kavor controls access to the richly forested hills of the northern Principalities. The magician-princes are canny merchants, more civil and more ruthless than their southern cousins. Merchants and foreigner travellers are often invited to banquets and feasts thrown by the Magician-Prince of Kavor, where they enjoy a status part-way between honoured guest and entertainment.

Kavor is the destination of choice for those who desire access to the green iron of the northern Principalities, but this port is also rich in iridescent gloaming, a resource very much in demand throughout Jarm. The warm, forested hills of the northern Principalities are home to great gardens where Cerulean Mazzarine is grown and harvested, as well as to a peculiar breed of small, hairless mammoth from the eastern Principalities called a slon that serves as a beast of burden alongside the oxen more familiar to Imperial visitors.

Trade with Kavor

A starting fleet resource that engages in trade with Kavor during downtime will produce 4 doses of cerulean mazzarine, 3 ingots of green iron, 3 measures of iridescent gloaming and 1 mana crystal. A fleet that has been upgraded will produce more valuable resources according to this chart of foreign ports.

Vezak (Southern Principalities of Jarm)

Traders from across the southern Principalities bring their wares to the teeming city of Vezak; a riot of colour, sound and spices where the cosmopolitan magician-Princes engage in endless rounds of intrigue and conspiracy. Visitors are welcomed to the Foreign Quarter of the city, where merchants from around the world rub shoulders and compete for the bounty of the forests of Jarm.

Traders in Vezak come away with ambergelt and dragonbone harvested from the forest preserves of southern Jarm, but sometimes find themselves caught up in the intrigues of the southern Magician-Princes, each of whom maintains a presence here under the watchful eye of the immensely rich Magician-Prince of Vezak. Few Imperial citizens can visit this city without attending the Vezakeen Gardens, an immense structure combining the role of public garden, museum, treasury, performance space and menagerie that is considered (particularly by the Jarmish) to be one of the wonders of the world.

Trade with Vezak

A starting fleet resource that engages in trade with Vezak during downtime will produce 3 measures of dragonbone and ambergelt and 3 mana crystals. A fleet that has been upgraded will produce more valuable resources according to this chart of foreign ports.

Rigia (Eastern Principalities of Jarm)

Rigia is an old port, but it has only recently been opened to Imperial fleets. Equidistant between Kavor and Vezak, the eastern Principalities have chafed under the condescension of the other two factions for centuries - but no more. The city is small, but known for its beautiful architecture and the many wide open spaces and gardens that surround it - every building, it seems, has a roof garden and every window bears a box of riotous flowers.

This Eastern port was only recently opened to Imperial fleets, and only for a short time. By the Spring Equinox 382YE, following a coup against the Magician-Prince Barbara Radz who ruled Rigia, the port was closed again. It is not currently open to Imperial captains.

Even while it was accessible, the port was not well-established; indeed, it struggles to survive in the face of the malice of the Princes of the northern and southern principalities. The most common trade goods purchased here included dragonbone harvested from the wild eastern forests that stretch to the boundaries of barbarian lands and green iron from old mines maintained on cold north-eastern mountainsides. Of course, it was also a good place to buy mana crystals.

This was at one point the site of the Imperial Embassy, in the grounds of the Winter Palace of House Radz.

Trade with Rigia

It is not currently possible to trade with Rigia.