Watcher of the Wheel is an Imperial title announced by the Arcane Architect in Autumn 382YE. Unlike many similar sinecures, the Keeper receives not a bounty of crystal mana, but an amount of vis.


The Watcher has no particular responsibilities; they simply receive a bounty of vis. If the Tower were to be threatened in any way, it would be the responsibility of the Watcher to deal with those threats.



The Watcher of the Wheel gains custodianship of a sinecure. They receive an income of one portion each of warm ashes, vital honey, crystal fire, and heart's blood each season.


As with all titles created by the Arcane Architect, the appointment, replacement, or removal of the Watcher is made by the declaration of candidacy as part of a Conclave session. Any Imperial citizen may hold the title.

The Watcher of the Wheel serves until they are replaced by another magician using the Declaration of Candidacy. As a title in the Conclave, they cannot be revoked.

Tower of the Watcher

In the northern woodlands of Madeiras, in Tassato, there is a tower overgrown with ivy. A solitary weirwood tree grows inside it, reaching up to the heavens, its branches protruding through the walls. According to some old tales, it was once owned by a troupe of enigmatic dramaturgists who engaged in dubious rites to win the approval of one or more of the Night eternals.

The late Richard of Holberg designed amendments to the structure that harness the powerful flows of mana through the area.

Summer Solstice 384YEUrizenPerfidious
Winter Solstice 382YEHighguardLina of Felix's Watch

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Perfidious; it can be reelected at any summit by a declaration of candidacy. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.