A sinecure is any Imperial title that provides the office holder with a fixed income. The return can take the form of money, herbs, materials for crafting items, mana crystals or even liao. The income provided by a sinecure is received only by the person with the title - if the title has not been appointed the resources do not accrue.

Sinecures are traditionally appointed for life.

Senate Commissions

The Imperial Senate may pass a motion for the construction of an establishment capable of producing wealth - money, herbs, resources or similar. This motion automatically results in the creation of a sinecure once the construction is complete.

It is also possible for the Senate to pass a motion to upgrade a sinecure, increasing the benefits that it provides.


  • Materials: Variable (minimum 10 wains)
  • Time: 3 months to construct per 50 wains of materials used
  • Labour: 2 crowns per wain
  • Upkeep: None

The more resources are devoted to constructing a sinecure, the greater the return. Under normal circumstances, the material required will be the one associated with upgrading an equivalent personal resource. For example, at least 10 wains of mithril is required to create a sinecure that produces mana crystals.

In addition to the wains required, it costs 2 crowns per wain to pay for labour and skills to complete the construction.

Wains Money Ingots Herbs Mana Crystals Congregation
10 216 rings 12 18 9 6 liao, 12 votes
12 252 rings 14 21 10 7 liao, 14 votes
16 288 rings 16 24 12 8 liao, 16 votes
20 324 rings 18 27 13 9 liao, 18 votes
30 396 rings 20 30 15 10 liao, 20 votes
60 540 rings 30 45 22 15 liao, 30 votes
80 612 rings 34 51 25 17 liao, 34 votes
116 720 rings 40 60 30 20 liao, 40 votes

The table shows some standard costs and benefits for a range of sinecures. For example a sinecure created by the Senate using 20 wains of mithril could produce 13 mana crystals each season. There is no upper limit on how many wains can be used to construct a sinecure; provided at least 10 wains are used, then any amount can be spent to build it.


It is not possible to create a sinecure which mimics the effects of a fleet or military unit, nor is it possible to create a sinecure which creates mithril, ilium, weirwood, or white granite.

A sinecure is very similar to a personal resource such as a farm or mine in that it provides a set amount of resources to the character who holds the position at the start of each event. Unlike a personal resource, however, the sinecure cannot be upgraded or diversified by its holder (only by senate motion) and there are no decisions to be made about what the position provides or how it does so. A sinecure that produces liao will not come with an option to sell that liao in downtime, a sinecure that produces green iron cannot be paid to produce more in the way a green iron mine could.

Sinecures are not affected by rituals that target a personal resource. A ritual that increases the production of a green iron mine will not affect a sinecure that produces green iron.

A sinecure that produces herbs will normally produce equal quantities of all herbs. It is possible to create a sinecure that produces a single herb, provided it is one that is commonly found in the area. As part of the necessary details, the senator can indicate what herbs they would like but the final decision about production is made by the game team.

Synod Votes

Any sinecure that produces liao also provides votes in the Imperial Synod. The flavour for such a sinecure almost invariably includes a group of faithful lay followers of the Way of some sort. The civil service evaluates this in the same way they would a congregation and assigns liao and votes in the Imperial Synod on that basis.

A sinecure that provide votes in the Imperial Synod has significant constitutional implications if the appointment of the sinecure is not made through the Synod. For example, the Guardian of Britta's Shrine was unconstitutional since it was appointed by the Senate but the title carried votes in the Synod. The magistrates would not have allowed this motion to pass in this form if they had noticed the situation at the time. If the sinecure were appointed by the Synod, then it would be constitutional.

A sinecure that provides votes in the Imperial Synod grants the holder of that title the legal powers and responsibilities of membership of the Synod. If the holder of the title is not already a member of the Synod, it automatically includes membership of all appropriate assemblies (the General Assembly, the appropriate National Assembly, and either the relevant Virtue Assembly or the Assembly of the Way).

The physical location of a sinecure that provides synod votes is not relevant to the assemblies that the owner is considered to belong to. A Navarr guide who maintains a cathedral in the Marches still wields their votes in the Navarr national assembly rather than the Marcher national assembly, even though the congregation of that cathedral are largely of Marcher nationality. Only the size of the congregation matters to the civil service, not its make-up.

A sinecure that provides votes in the Imperial Synod does not provide additional votes during the election of a Highborn senator. This could in theory lead to the odd situation where a Highborn citizen can vote in that election due to the possession of a sinecure, but has no votes. On the rare occasions that this has come up, the citizen can attend and participate in the interrogation of the candidates, but cannot cast any votes during the selection process.

Other Votes

It is no longer possible to create a sinecure that provides votes in a Bourse or Senate election, even where voting is determined by the size of a citizen's personal resource. After lengthy consideration, the Constitutional Court determined that sinecures that did this violated an important principle of presence, that an individual should be present to cast their vote.


Any citizen who is granted a sinecure is expected to be responsible for any problems that might beset the resources represented by the sinecure. For example, if Thule reavers are raiding the mines overseen by the Lady of the Upper Halls, then the Empire will expect that citizen to deal with the problem.

Recent Sinecures

This table includes all sinecures which have been appointed in recent times. For a full list of title holders see here. This was last updated before the Winter Solstice 382YE.

Name of Sinecure Method of Appointment Location Output Tenure
Azure Sutannir Synod, Brass Coast Kahraman, Braydon's Jasse Liao (6), Votes (12) Lifetime
Brock's Toll Tournament Miaren, ??? Rings (324) Year, Summer
Broken Shield Guardian Senate, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Solvihill Herbs (18) Lifetime
Caretaker of New Dunhall Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, Wood Heath Rings (324) Lifetime
Castellan of the Silent Sentinel Synod, Highguard Casinea, Marehom Liao (10), Votes (20) Lifetime
Claviger of the Basilica of Cora Holdfast Synod, Loyalty Reikos, Chalcis Mount Liao (9), Votes (18) Lifetime
Collector of Prosperity's Boon Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, Wood Heath Mana Crystals (10) Lifetime
Crow Keeper of the Rest Synod, Wintermark Kallavesa, Kallavesa Marsh Liao (6), Votes (12) Lifetime
Curator of the Printer's Guild Museum Synod, Cardinal of Prosperity Tassato, Tassato Mestra Liao (6), Votes (12) Lifetime
Curator of the White City Museum Synod, Highguard Bastion, Bastion Rounds Liao (7), Votes (14) Lifetime
Custodian of Glass Point Cove Senate, The League Sarvos, Uccelini Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Custodian of the Claw Senate, Urizen Morrow, Ravion Mana Crystals (10) Lifetime
Custodian of the Imperial War Memorial Synod, Highguard Casinea, Mareholm Liao (6), Votes (12) Lifetime
Dean of the First Voice Glade Senate, Navarr Miaren, ??? Herbs (9) Lifetime
Dean of Laroc Cathedral Synod, Dawn Astolat, Laroc Liao (6), Votes (12) Lifetime
Dean of Pilgrims Senate, Imperial Morrow, Ravion Liao (18) Lifetime
Dean of the Thorned Rose Senate, Navarr Miaren, Serenael Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Dredgemaster of Feverwater Senate, Navarr Therunin, East Ashes Crafting Materials (4), Historical Research Lifetime
Drusilla's Obelus Bourse, Auction Holberg, The Morass Bladeroot (18) Lifetime
Eternal Flame of Miaren Senate, Navarr Miaren, Serenael Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Farmer of Eastern Spring Farm Senate, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Gildermark Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Fallsheart Guardian Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, Wood Heath Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Friar of Honour's Rest Synod, The Marches Mournwold, Greensward Liao (8), Votes (16) Lifetime
Gatekeeper of Falling Snow Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, ??? Cerulean Mazzarine (12) Lifetime
Gloaming Sentinel Conclave, Declaration Miekarova, Srodkoja Iridescent Gloaming (20) Lifetime
Granger of the Golden Orchard Senate, Navarr Miaren, Serenael Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Grim Gardener Senate, Varushka Miekarova, Perumaki Herbs (22) Lifetime
Guardian of Britta's Shrine Senate, Highguard Necropolis, Coursmouth N/A Lifetime
Guardian of the Cairn Senate, Wintermark Skarsind, Skogei Glens Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Guardian of Dunfrith Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, Wood Heath Herbs (21) Lifetime
Guardian of Giselle's Tomb Synod, The League Temeschwar, Hanuri Liao (5), Votes (10) Lifetime
Guardian of the Prosperity of Afal Senate, The Marches Upwold, Ashbrook Mana Crystals (9) Year, Autumn
Healer of Dawn Senate, Dawn Astolat, Laroc Cerulean Mazzarine (18) Lifetime
Herbalist of the Hearth Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, Southridge Herbs (21) Lifetime
Jade Custodian Senate, The League Sarvos, Foracci Mana Crystals (12) Lifetime
Keeper of Aurelie's Garden Tournament Astolat, Grovesyard Herbs (18) Year, Autumn
Keeper of Berislav's Rest Senate, Varushka Volodmartz, Suvretz Rings (216) Lifetime
Keeper of the Cox Conclave, Declaration Reikos, High Chalcis Golden Apples (3) Lifetime
Keeper of the Crystal Vale Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, Southridge Mana Crystals (10) Lifetime
Keeper of the Dour Fens Senate, The Marches Bregasland, Gravenmarch Mana Crystals (10) Lifetime
Keeper of Emilio's Herbarium Synod, Loyalty Sarvos, Foracci Herbs (21) Lifetime
Keeper of the Golden Fields Senate, The Marches Mitwold, Golden Downs Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Keeper of the Imperial Menagerie The Throne Holberg, Holmauer Assorted Lifetime
Keeper of the Memorial Gardens of Treji Senate, Imperial Orcs Hercynia, The Glen of Shadows Herbs (18) Lifetime
Keeper of the Sapphire Stair Senate, The League Tassato, Cascatas Rings (400) Lifetime
Keeper of the Spice Gardens Senate, Brass Coast Feroz, Morajasse Herbs (16) Lifetime
Marshal of the Pit of Revelations Senate, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Skogei Glens Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Master Apothecary Senate, Wintermark Hahnmark, Kalpamark Herbs (21) Lifetime
Master of the School of Exorcism Senate, Highguard Reikos, Tabernacle Liao (6) Lifetime
Mayor of Caricomare Senate, Sarvos Sarvos, Cigno Rings (300), Sarvos Senator Votes (25) Lifetime
Preceptor of the Skarsind College of Warcasting Senate, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Estermark Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Queen's Rose The Throne Semmerholm, Lacuve Liao (12), Votes (24) Year, Summer
Shepherd of the Great Herd Senate, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Estermark Rings (216) Lifetime
Signori d'Argento Vine Tender Senate, The League Sarvos, Foracci Rings (216) Lifetime
Spider's Tollkeep Senate, Brass Coast and The League Madruga, Torres and Sarvos, Trivento Rings (320) Lifetime
Steward of Good Leaf Gardens Bourse, The Marches, Farms Upwold, Birchland Herbs (30) Year, Autumn
Storm Shaman Senate, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Pakaanan's Pass Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime
Tender of the Hearth Synod, Varushka Miekarova, Perumaki Liao (9), Votes (18) Lifetime
Voice of Barbs Synod, Navarr Hercynia, Northpines Liao (6), Votes (12) Year, Winter
Watcher of Britta's Pool Synod, Wintermark Kallavesa, Kallavesa Marsh Liao (9), Votes (18) Lifetime
Watcher of the Wheel Conclave, Declaration Tassato, Madeiras Vis (4) Lifetime
Weigher of Worth Senate, Imperial Orcs Skarsind, Gildermark Mana Crystals (9) Lifetime

Previous Sinecures

  • The Gardens of Pallas, overseen by the Head Gardener of Urizen were burned by the Druj shortly before the Spring Equinox 382YE.
  • The Glorious Fountain, overseen by the Keeper of the Glorious Fountain was destroyed by the Druj during their invasion of Morrow after the Summer Solstice 382YE.

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