The Collector of Prosperity's Boon is a Wintermark Imperial title commissioned by the Imperial Senate in Summer 382YE. The position of Collector is a sinecure, requiring minimal responsibility but offering a regular income of crystal mana.


The Collector has no particular responsibilities; they simply receive a bounty of crystal mana from Autumn's Boon in Hahnmark. If the Boon were to be threatened in any way, it would be the responsibility of the Collector to deal with those threats.


Bounty of Mana

The Collector of Prosperity's Boon gains custodianship of a sinecure. They receive an income of 10 crystal mana each season.


The Collector of Prosperity's Boon is appointed by unanimous decision of the Wintermark senators. If a unanimous decision cannot be reached, the title may be appointed by the Imperial Senate instead.

The title can be held by a Wintermark citizen. The Collector has tenure, and serves until they die or step down. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Wintermark National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Autumn Equinox 385YELeofric “Leo” Brenna
Winter Solstice 382YETyr Brenna

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Leofric “Leo” Brenna. This title has tenure, the occupant may hold the title until it is revoked, they die or they relinquish the position. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

Autumn's Boon

“Shining Gliss Steining, runesmith of the mark,

Lit sparks of prosperity, bright in the dark,
While she held shining steel, gave her life for her kin,
She wove ritual words to bring great harvests in.
This balance is key for the might of our home,
For there are both heroes of field and of loam.
Though gliss, small fruit did her ambition yield
Ensured these bright crystals Prosperity build. “

Shining Glass Steining

Autumn's Boon is found in Hahnmark near Old Woodhall not far from the Dunsfall Sinkhole. It is positioned near both the hall of Hendal Hearth and New Dunhall, close to both the Valley of Pride, Vale's Might, Fallsheart Cave, and Dunfirth.

This Boon itself stands on the hillside between the Valley of Pride and Vale's Might. It takes the form of a roofed stone hall covering a shallow, natural amphitheatre and the spring that bubbles at its centre. Crystals form on tiers of stone steps inlaid with mithril that stagger the inside of the building, which can be illuminated by flaming braziers set on the walls. Two huge doors, marked with the Rune of Wealth allow access to the inside for the custodian to collect the growing crystals. To either side of the gates are granite statues of an armoured Steinr naga, the fallen hero known as “Shining Gliss Steining”. Each statue presents a shield against an unseen enemy, her sword ready to strike with all her might. Upon the gate posts etched into the stone there is a poem about Shining Gliss Steining.

The Runes of Autumn are carved upon the stone cross beam above the main gates along with the words “These statues stand in remembrance, So future generations know that the heroes of the past have fallen to give them and the Empire a future. This is a testament to the virtues of the Empire that empower and drive us all. Descriptive text provided by Joshua Michaelson