The Medical Officer of the Pegasus Respite is a Highborn Imperial title created following an announcement during the Autumn Equinox 383YE by Nathaniel of Balthazar’s Vineyard, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave. The construction was completed shortly before the 384YE Summer Solstice.


The Medical Officer of the Pegasus Respite is responsible for ensuring the herbs produced by the sinecure will go to the battle physicks of Highguard to serve the Empire.

In addition, if anything were to threaten the good operation of the infirmary, it would be the responsibility of the Medical Officer to address those problems.


Bounty of herbs

The Medical Officer receives receives an income of herbs each season: 8 doses of true vervain, 4 doses of bladeroot, 4 doses of imperial roseweald, 4 doses of marrowort, and 4 doses of cerulean mazzarine


The Medical Officer of the Pegasus Respite is a national position appointed by the Synod. It is elected by judgement of the National Assembly of Highguard.

The title can be held by any citizen of Highguard. The Medical Officer has tenure and serves until they die or step down. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Highborn National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Summer Solstice 384YEFelix193 Votes

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Felix of the Arion Sentinels. This title has tenure, the occupant may hold the title until it is revoked, they die or they relinquish the position. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.