The Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave has the right to announce a single commission. There are currently two of these titles, all auctioned through the Imperial Bourse. Although the bearer is not a member of the Imperial Senate, they may use a single Senate announcement to instruct the Empire to approve a commission provided that they do so at the summit that the title was appointed.

The titles were created at the Winter Solstice summit of 380YE. The titles were used to replace the existing civilian commissioners who were expected to approve and oversee the commission of sinecures, ministries, and great works in their nation.


The Bearer of an Imperial Wayleaf has no responsibilities and may use the authority granted by the title to order any commission they choose. These titles replaced the previous system where each nation would appoint a civilian commissioner, and carry some of the restrictions and limitations imposed those titles.



Once during the summit where the title is appointed, each bearer can commission the construction of a sinecure, ministry, or great work. The materials and money required for construction must be provided by the bearer or their agents.

If the bearer announces the commission of a sinecure or ministry then an Imperial title to oversee the commission is automatically created. The location and size of the commission and the method of appointment and tenure of any associated title are all part of the necessary details and may be included in the announcement made by the bearer or determined later by them.

A bearer of an Imperial Wayleave cannot alter an existing commission.


To use their power of commission, the bearer must make an announcement in the Imperial Senate. No voting is possible by the Senate at this point, as the power had been delegated to the bearer.

The Imperial Synod may choose to exercise their veto over the bearer's announcement; there is no refund of the money provided to purchase the title if the commission is vetoed.


The bearer of an Imperial wayleave can only commission a sinecure, ministry, or great work.

Unlike a civilian commissioner, the bearer is not prohibited from using their power to commission anything that provides liao or votes in the Imperial Synod. However the appointment of such a title is still subject to the normal constitutional restrictions.

They not required to build their commission in their own nation and may use any method of appointment (for example, through the Bourse, the Conclave, Military Council, or Synod). The civil service are on hand to offer legal advice or support to a bearer just as they are to a senator, and the bearer may wish to submit their commission for scrutiny before it is announced to ensure there are no problems with their design.


Each title of bearer of an Imperial wayleave is determined by auction by the Imperial Bourse. As an Imperial seat, any Imperial citizen may participate in the auction and hold the title.

The bearer retains the title for a single season only - they must use the power of commission at the summit where they gain the title, otherwise it is lost. As an Imperial Bourse title, the position cannot be revoked by the Imperial Synod.

The Imperial Orc Wayleave

In Summer 382YE, the Imperial Senate voted to reallocate one of the Imperial Wayleaves as an Imperial Orcs national position creating the Imperial Orc Wayleave. This reduced the number of Imperial Wayleaves from three to two.