Introduce Imperial Wayleaves

To create a right to build known as an Imperial Wayleave.

This conveys the right to announce the construction of one sinecure, ministry, great work to the citizen who purchase the wayleave.

An Imperial Wayleave may only be used in the season after it's purchased.

Create an additional Bourse auction each season. Proceeds go to Imperial budget.

Holder must use a wayleave in the senate by announcement.

Three wayleaves will be sold in each season.

Civil Service scrutiny required.

Proposed by Kahraman, Seconded by Sarvos



  • Winter 380YE


  • Each Wayleave must be an Imperial title subject to all the normal rules for an Imperial title
  • It is possible for this proposed Imperial title to have a term of a single summit
  • The commission would have to be announced at the same summit that the title was auctioned
  • The number of commissions available to the Senate would be reduced in advance by the number of Wayleaves auctioned

It is not possible to vest the powers of the state in a document that is auctioned - they must be an Imperial title that is held. The constitution demands that no Imperial citizen hold two titles at once - allowing documents to carry powers of state would create the potential for an individual to effectively circumvent this limitation. The closest comparable situation is the favour of The Throne - a highly complex and constitutionally challenging arrangement.

The constitutionally valid way to achieve the closest outcome that the court can identify is to auction one or more Imperial titles through the Bourse each summit. These titles would last for the duration of the summit - and would allow the appointed citizen to announce a single commission in the Senate at that summit. They would be subject to all the normal rules for Imperial titles.

The number of Imperial Commissions would be reduced by the number of titles being auctioned through the Bourse, to prevent the Empire defaulting on its contract. The civil service are not confident of being able to administrate a title bought at one event and used at another when it is no longer valid - and it is not consistent with the way all other Imperial titles operate.