In recognition of their Loyalty to the Empire, for ceding territory to the Thule as a price for peace, I move that one of the Imperial Wayleaves auctioned via the Bourse instead be assigned to the Imperial Orcs via their well worn paths and traditions.
Proposed by Hahnmark, seconded by Segura.



  • Summer 382YE


  • This would effectively remove one of the Imperial Wayleaves from the public auction, and make it a national title for the Imperial Orcs.
  • The administrative motion raised during the Autumn Equinox confirms that this will be a title held for a year.


This motion initially failed scrutiny. The Constitutional Court will not permit a national title to be appointed that lasts a single season, the circumstances that make that legal for a Wayleave are unique to wayleaves which are sold by public auction to all citizens. The constitutional court would not permit a title with the power of commission to be appointed for a single season, primarily because it is too burdensome for both the civil service and for citizens to appoint the title that frequently.

The motion would be constitutional if also changed the title to serve for a year, instead of a single season. As this guidance was not provided before the motion was brought before the Senate, the court indicated that they would raise an administrative motion on the Friday night of the Autumn Equinox summit to request confirmation or rejection by the Imperial Senate on that basis.

The addministrative motion was raised and passed, amending the title to a year-long tenure. The senator for Hahnmark still needs to provide a name for the Imperial title that is created by this motion.