The Financier of Holberg's Phantasmagorical Mementoes is an Imperial title created by Bernhard Kleist von Ennerlund as the Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave during the Winter Solstice 385YE. They are appointed by the senators of the League and have a responsibility to oversee the concerns and invest funds into the business operated by Claude of Holberg.

While the title is officially "Financier of Holberg's Phantasmagorical Mementoes", many citizens of Holberg shorten it to Financier of the Phantasmagorical Mementoes.


The Financier of the Phantasmagorical Mementoes has very few actual responsibilities. They are expected to offer support to Claude of Holberg in the running of the business, though most of the day-to-day organisation rests in the hands of the savvy entrepreneur. If the market stall, or the visitors to the Sculpture Garden, were to be threatened in any way it would be the responsibility of the Financier to deal with those threats.


Souvenirs and Stiff Drinks

The Financier gains custodianship of a sinecure. They receive 2 thrones each season from the profits of the market stall.


The Financier of Holberg's Phantasmagorical Mementoes is selected by unanimous decision of the the League senators. If a unanimous decision cannot be reached, the title may be appointed by the Imperial Senate instead.

The title can be held by any League citizen. The Financier has tenure, and serves until they die or step down. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the League National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Claude and the Kleists' Market Stall of Wonders

The Sculpture Garden in the north-east corner of Holmaeur Park was previously a place to showcase beautiful works of art, demonstrating the beauty of form, the artist's skill, and the smooth wonders trapped within every block of marble or granite. It is now dark and grim; all the beauty of the place has been sullied, turning it into a mockery of art. The statues are twisted, broken things that unnerve the eye and dampen the spirits of those who visit them. Far from uplifting the spirit, they serve only to disgust, disquiet, and frighten. Reports have already begun to spread that some of the twisted statues change and move when not observed.

Most of the statues are reminiscent of their original form, albeit twisted into hunched monsters with inhuman features. There are also a few sculptures that nobody can remember being there before - a Merchant-Prince bound in chains, and a sneering bravo in rune-carved plate. Almost every person who goes in tells of seeing some horrific statue that sparks a memory of innocence lost, or a moment of weakness. Several of the nearby bands of bravos have begun venturing into the garden as a test of mettle - only the bravest are said to be able to make it all the way through without fleeing in tears.

Claude of Holberg set up a stall to sell stiff drinks to those entering (or to steady the nerves of those on their way out) in addition to small, badly recreated souvenir statues that proved popular with those coming to gawp at the sculptures from a safe distance. After two years of working on his own to encourage a growing market of thrill-seekers and curious tourists, he finally acquired funding and legitimisation from the Imperial Senate in the form of Bernhard Kleist von Ennerlund of the renowned Kleist von Ennerlund; Vintners and Victuallers of Holberg. With the legitimacy added by the Imperial Senate - albeit in the form of a Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave - and five thrones in additional funding provided by Lula Kleist von Ennerlund, Claude has been able to expand the lucrative venture by opening "Claude and the Kleist's Market Stall of Wonders".

This new market stall has significantly better drinks and souvenirs that actually resemble the statues within the Sculpture Garden, as well as several guards who ensure that nobody is endangered by foolishly venturing into the garden.