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The Imperial Senate governs the Empire, and its authority extends to all areas of Imperial life not already covered by the other houses of government. Each summit the senators meet several times to deliberate and vote on the motions they have raised.

After the summit the civil service enact those motions, and ensure a public record of each is made available to the citizens of the Empire. This page lists all the motions raised during the summit, along with the announcements made by citizens with Imperial titles. In each case, the motion and its effects are summarized including the wording; who proposed and seconded it; whether it passed or not; whether any funds were disbursed to support it; and what the outcome of the motion will be.

Many motions (especially the commissions) also have a Further Details section that provides a link to a wiki page dealing specifically with that motion in more detail, any commentary from the Constitutional Court, progress on commissions, or expanded information about the outcome of the motion.


  • Imperial treasury during this season announced by the civil service at 601 thrones and 4 crowns.

Administrative Motions

Criminalise the Last Resort

  • Motion: Motion to criminalise the poisons that are part of the Last Resort
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Passed
  • Notes: The collection of recipes was added to Imperial lore by a motion of the Senate during the Autumn Equinox 382YE

Amend Conscience of the Senate

  • Motion: Motion to amend the power of the Conscience of the Senate to bring a single motion to be debated first in a session to be once per summit rather than once per session.
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Passed

Senate Motions

Appraise the Otterway

  • Motion: Appraisal to look at utilising the Otterway military road, built by Matilda Fisher, for the benefit of the betterment of Bregasland and how it might affect the current disgruntled mood of the region. Proposed: Bregasland, Seconded: Mitwold.
  • Withdrawn

Appraise Dry Patricians

  • Motion: Appraise a solution to the Dry Patrician problem in Madruga; Lutomysla Niegoslava to undertake this task. Proposed: Segura, Seconded: Kallavesa.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: An appraisal will be published before the Spring Equinox 386YE

Appraise Fleets in the Bay of Catazar

  • Motion: The Senate request Graciana to conduct an appraisal of methods to deploy Imperial Fleet captains to disrupt enemy naval and logistical operations in the Bay of Catazar. Proposed: Miaren, Seconded: The Barrens.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: An appraisal will be published before the Spring Equinox 386YE

Appraise Cooperation in Spiral

  • Motion: To send Naomi of Virtue's Rest to appraise how the Urizen and Leaguers of Spiral might work together to combine the best of League innovation and Urizeni wisdom in bolstering the security and prosperity of Spiral. Proposed: Spiral, Seconded: Morrow.
  • Failed

Excavate Holberg Embankment

  • Motion: To request permission of Senate to excavate a deep embankment in front of the walls of Holberg as described in the raise the walls opportunity. This Opportunity DOES NOT require a commission. This opportunity DOES NOT increase the upkeep of Holberg's walls. We do this out of love for our great city. Proposed: Citizens' Voice.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The Walls of Holberg will be upgraded as per The greatest city in the world wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Excavate Holberg Embankment

Prospecting in Skarsind

  • Motion: To welcome Prospectors and mining experts to explore the Northern hills of Skarsind. With the support of the Golden Pyramid the cost has been been reduced to 100T. This is fully funded by Irontide Flax. Proposed: Skarsind, Seconded: Spiral.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Human miners will come to Skarsind and work the Imperial Orc mines as per the Standing in the sun wind of fortune.
  • Further reading: Prospecting in Skarsind

Create title of Arcane Inquisitor

  • Motion: To create the title of The Arcane Inquisitor to be appointed yearly by the Assembly of Nine. This position will be responsible for overseeing the virtue of those appointed by Conclave, with the power to raise one Judgement of Inquisition per summit. Proposed: Mitwold, Seconded: Bregasland.
  • Passed with a constitutional majority, ratified by The Throne
  • Outcome: The title of Arcane Inquisitor will be created
  • Notes: Following extended scrutiny the Constitutional Court ruled that this motion did not require a constitutional vote

Amend Imperial Warmage

  • Motion: To amend the method of appointment for the Warmage to be appointed by the Urizen generals. Proposed: Zenith, Seconded: Karov.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: This motion is receiving additional scrutiny

Amend law of execution around Semmerlak

  • Motion: To make drowning in the Semmerlak the default form of execution in Karov, Karsk, Ossium, Weirwater, and Holberg. Proposed: Karov, Seconded: Semmerholm.
  • Failed

League Crystal Mana to Spiral

  • Motion: To henceforth dedicate all mana crystals from the Legacy of Ambition in Tassato, the Legacy of Loyalty in Temeschwar, the Legacy of Courage in Holberg, and the Legacy of Pride in Sarvos to support the spires of Spiral. Pride teaches us to raise up and Prosperity to share. Proposed: Tassato, Seconded: Therunin.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The Legacies will now provide mana directly to the spires of Spiral and reduce the season cost to the Senate from 35 thrones to 5 thrones as per the Blue flowers in the snow wind of fortune

Create title of Arcane Envoy

  • Motion: To create the position of Arcane Envoy, to be elected yearly by Conclave. This position will facilitate the proper endorsement of works of magic and agreements with eternals, by raising a declaration of endorsement once per summit. This is to ensure that acts endorsed by Conclave are properly considered and protected against throughout means both in and out of Conclave. Proposed: Hercynia, Seconded: Ossium.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: It is not possible to create a position appointed by the Conclave which is not elected by Declaration of Candidacy. There will be an administrative motion present at the Spring Equinox 386YE to correct the appointment method of this title.

Outlaw Privateering on Bay of Catazar

  • Motion: Outlaw privateering on the bay of Catazar, in line with the Ephisis Deal. Proposed: Miekarova, Seconded: Necropolis.
  • Failed

Recognise Thule Dominion

  • Motion: This Senate recognises that the Thule have Dominion over Krevsaty, Miechernya, Crow's Ridge, Silver Peak, and the Webwood, and recognises that they are a part of Otkodov. We will take no steps to challenge this, while bound by the peace we seek to extend. Proposed: Volodmartz, Seconded: Karsk.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The Thule will be made aware of the Senate's position.

Amend Spider's Dream Construction

Disburse Funds for Coronation

  • Motion: To disburse funds for the coronation celebrations of Vesna Borkovna Prochnost, Emperor of the Hearth and Crowned in Thunder, liaising with the prosperous citizen Coal Carefoot. Proposed: Morrow, Seconded: Zenith.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Coal Carefoot has been recognised by the civil service as being responsible for funding the celebrations as per the A Sparrow in Spring wind of fortune

Disburse Funds for Wintermark Army

  • Motion: To complete the Wintermark army we began to levy in Winter 384YE. This house has undertaken to levy this Wintermark army with the explicit expectation that I would return for further funding. The army is near complete and has upkeep costs. Wintermark is using the output of its national bourse seat and virtuous citizens are donating and fundraising however they can. We are doing our part. We are short of funds, but this is a priority. Proposed: Hahnmark, Seconded: Sermersuaq.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: 200 thrones disbursed to the Senator for Hahnmark.
  • Note: This motion was prioritised by the Conscience of the Senate.

Disburse Funds for Temeschwar Great Works

  • Motion: To disburse money to Giuseppe Sanguineo von Temeschwar for the development of tax providing great works in Temeschwar. Proposed: Temeschwar, Seconded: Reikos.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: 44 thrones disbursed to the Senator for Temeschwar

Disburse Funds for Dawnish Army

  • Motion: To disburse funds for the fourth Dawnish army. Proposed: Astolat, Seconded: Miekarova.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: 55 thrones disbursed to the Senator for Astolat

Amend Legion Engineer

  • Motion: To amend the powers of the Legion Engineer to 1) build fortifications and 2) upgrade existing fortifications with the expertise offered by the Tamazi. Proposed: Upwold, Seconded: Mournwold.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The powers of the Legion Engineer will be amended

Declare Rahvin Foreigners

  • Motion: To change the status of the sept of the Rahvin, located in the fangs of the Saltmarsh region of the territory the Barrens, to foreigners. Proposed: The Barrens, Seconded: Skarsind.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The Rahvin are now considered foreigners and protected by Imperial law

Increase Upkeep of Brilliant Star

  • Motion: To increase the production of the Brilliant Star mithril bourse seat by 8 wains per season at an increased upkeep cost of 5 thrones per season. Proposed: Redoubt, Seconded: Holberg.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The upkeep of the Brilliant Star has increased and the custodian will now receive 28 wains of mithril a season as per the Watercolours in the rain wind of fortune

Criminalise Ocean's Caress

  • Motion: This motion proposes that the possession and supply of the drug "Ocean's Caress" be made illegal. Proposed: Casinea, Seconded: Bastion.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The drug Ocean's Caress has been added to the list of criminal offences


Appoint Captain of the Senate Guard

  • Motion: To appoint the Captain of the Senate Guard.
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Outcome: Arthur Bannerman aka Bam Bam of Navarr was elected as the Captain of the Senate Guard

Appoint Dean of the Academy

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  • Motion: Elect Dean of the Academy.
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Outcome: The motion to appoint the Dean of the Academy was raised during the last session of the Autumn Equinox 385YE

Appoint Imperial Administrator

  • Motion: To appoint the Imperial Administrator.
  • Raised by: Speaker of the Senate
  • Outcome: Bridget Talbot de Couerdefer of Dawn was elected as the Imperial Administrator

Ambassador to the Grendel

Ambassador to Axos

Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy

Ambassador to the Sarcophan Delves

Commissions (Senate)

Construct Spider's Dream Bridge

  • Motion: To construct Spider's Dream Bridge with the additional 20 white granite fortification. Requesting funds. Proposed: Necropolis, Seconded: Segura.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: 240 thrones disbursed to Senator for Necropolis. This motion was amended later in the season to remove the fortification. This is related to the Dreaming in strands wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Construct Spider's Dream Bridge

Construct Semmerholm Counting House

Construct Tassato Counting House

Construct Garden City in Holberg

Construct Hall of Rund

  • Motion: To commission the Hall of Rund in Rundhal, Kallavesa, a sinecure giving liao. To be held by the Speaker of the Crows who will lead and guide the National Assembly, appointed by the Wintermark National Assembly. Proposed: Kallavesa, Seconded: Kahraman.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Constructs a sinecure in Kallavesa as per the Old ways wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Construct Hall of Rund

Construct Reikos Counting House

  • Motion: To construct the prosperous counting house in Reikos for seven white granite and seven weirwood. Fully funded by Highguard benefactors. This creates the title of Benefactor of High Chalcis, a Highguard national title appointed by our assembly. Giving herbs as well as the virtue funding, and allows the title to address Senate in response to certain opportunities. The title is responsible for using the herbs of High Chaclis' gardens to virtuously benefit the Empire and oversees these gardens. Proposed: Reikos, Seconded: Casinea.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Constructs a sinecure in Reikos as per the Forwards and Rewards wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Construct Reikos Counting House

Construct the Phoenix Flame

  • Motion: To commission the Phoenix Flame in Astolat, Dawn, and create the title of Tender of the Phoenix Flame. The commission costs 30 wains of mithril, 30 wains of white granite, and 180 crowns. Once constructed the Phoenix Flame will be ceded to Meraud. Proposed: Weirwater, Seconded: Astolat.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Constructs a sinecure in Astolat as per the Back in town wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Construct the Phoenix Flame
  • OOC Note: There was an error in the original write-up of this motion which stated that this commission would not be started as it was the last of the commissions passed by the Senate and so affected by a mandate. The announcement to Construct Holberg's Phantasmagorical Mementoes draws on an opportunity that does not require a commission. This was missed during the original write-up of this page and has since been fixed.

Construct Hall Leviathan's Hall

  • Motion: To commission Leviathan's Hall, a folly through which heralds of Leviathan can travel the Empire and learn more about it. Fully self funded, time limited to this summit. To be built in Miaren. Proposed: Karsk, Seconded: Volodmartz.
  • Failed

Construct A Fair Price I

  • Motion: To commission 'A Fair Price'; a sinecure in Iteri, Zenith attached to the Champion of Prosperity position. The farm sinecure will provide money to allow the Champion to pay the deserving for their work, as no prosperous citizen shall work for free. Proposed: Mournwold, Seconded: Upwold.
  • Withdrawn

Commissions (Announcements)

Construct A Fair Price II

  • Motion: To commission 'A Fair Price'; a sinecure in Iteri, Zenith attached to the Champion of Prosperity position. The farm sinecure will provide money to allow the Champion to pay the deserving for their work, as no prosperous citizen shall work for free.
  • Announced: by Groza, Legion Engineer
  • Outcome: Creates a sinecure in Zenith
  • Notes: It is not possible for the Legion Engineer to amend a title to grant it custodianship of a sinecure. It will require a senate motion to amend the Champion of Prosperity to include custodianship of the sinecure.
  • Further reading: Construct A Fair Price

Construct The Gloaming Forum

  • Motion: To construct a self-funded ministry called the Gloaming Forum in Operus, Morrow, to be assigned by Tally of the Votes as an Urizen national position. The Gloaming Merchant to be able to purchase weirwood as per the opportunity presented by the Basilisk of the Bourse and the Spire of Golden Wood.
  • Announced: by Zorya (Zosia) Swietoslawa Przewalski, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave
  • Outcome: Creates a bourse seat in Morrow as per the Bright yellow blooms wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Construct The Gloaming Forum

Construct Holberg's Phantasmagorical Mementoes

  • Motion: To complete the restoration of Holmauer Park we announce the legitimisation of the entrepreneurial souvenir stall operated by Claude of Holberg. Formerly known as 'The Rickety Stall' an investment of coin and wains by Kleists of Holberg create "Holberg's Phantasmagorical Mementoes" a standard business sinecure in Holmauer Park, to be appointed unanimous decision of the League's senators.
  • Announced: by Bernhard Kleist von Ennerlund, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave
  • Outcome: Creates a sinecure in Holberg as per the In the garden of defiance wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Construct Holberg's Phantasmagorical Mementoes
  • Notes: This did not require a commission slot as per the original opportunity

Construct Leshun Market

Construct Spy Network in Reinos

  • Motion: I, Bernard Dugdale, Imperial Spymaster announce that out of Loyalty to the General of the Red Wind Corsairs, honouring a previous agreement, that a new spy network will be constructed in Reinos, so to speed closure of the Jotun war. May the information finally be the first step in hamstringing Lasambrians and ending the western front.
  • Announced: by Bernard Dugdale, Imperial Spymaster
  • Outcome: Creates a spy network in Reinos.
  • Further reading: Construct Spy Network in Reinos

Construct Office of the Lantern Wolf

Construct House of Illumination

  • Motion: To commission the House of Illumination and Light Market in Cargo in Redoubt and Essk in Meikarova respectively, creating two Imperial titles: the Architect of Illumination and Merchant Boyar of the Light Market. In the spirit of partnerships and prosperity this commission was designed for, I profusely thank Bledri and Siân of the Eternal Family in Navarr, who have pledged 10 wains to this construction.
  • Announced: by Dima Vasilyevna Novosad, Master of the Koboldi
  • Outcome: Creates two sinecures in Redoubt and Miekarova as per the Out of the abyss wind of fortune
  • Further reading: Construct House of Illumination and Light Market

Improve Bursar of the Conclave's Ministry

Construct Three Hands' Stand


Research Ore Hills Rebellion

  • Motion: To commission Snowstorm Henk to prepare a report into the Ore Hills Rebellion of 326YE, its leaders, their fate, and their virtue.
  • Announced: by Vaclav Mladenovich Kosti, Minister of Historical Research
  • Outcome: Historical research on the matter will be delivered to the Minister at the Spring Equinox 386YE

Research Malachi of the Winds of Virtue

  • Motion: Heirs of Lepidus, it is time for the Empire to remember its beginnings and the strength of diplomacy. I request that you research the vision of Anwar i Covas i Erigo, who was Malachi of the Winds of Virtue, who in that vision met with the Last King of Wintermark - Alof Bearing - and spoke of his people and their traditions. May this inspire us to greatness once more.
  • Announced: by Hazelelponi of the Shattered Tower, Lepidean Librarian
  • Outcome: Historical research on the matter will be delivered to the Librarian at the Spring Equinox 386YE

Breadbasket Supports Freeborn

Hand of the Chancellor

  • Motion: The Throne uses Hand of the Chancellor to disburse 65 thrones
  • Announced: by Vesna Borkovna Prochnost, the Throne
  • Outcome: 65 thrones disbursed to Emperor Vesna Borkovna Prochnost

Imperial Guerdon