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The first Lepidean Librarian was the former Claviger of the Basilica of Cora Holdfast, Jared of the Suns of Couros


The Lepidean Librarian is an Imperial title appointed by the Highborn National Assembly. It was established by the Senate in Winter 383YE alongside the construction of the Lepidean University in Bastion, following the plans of the esteemed Frederick di Sarvos.


The Librarian is responsible for the preservation of the Lepidean University and the historical accounts it contains. In practice, the day-to-day management of the library and its records is performed by the Heirs of Lepidus, leaving the Librarian free to devote their time to other matters if they so choose.


Historical Research

The Librarian has the power to direct the research of the scholars of the University. This functions as an additional historical research request that does not count against the limit (currently one) that the Department for Historical Research is able to conduct each season. This research can only be used to investigate the lives of paragons or exemplars, or into the details of past life visions.

To use this power, the Librarian provides an announcement to the Civil Service, who present the decision to the Imperial Senate. No voting is possible by the Senate, as the power has been delegated to the Librarian. The Imperial Synod may, however, choose to exercise their veto over the Librarian's decision.


The Lepidean Librarian is a national position which is appointed by judgement of the Highborn assembly. Any Highborn citizen may hold this title.

The Librarian is appointed during the Spring Equinox each year. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Highborn Assembly, and the Assembly of the Nine.

Spring Equinox 386YEHazelelponi224 Votes
Autumn Equinox 385YEHazelelponi280 Votes
Spring Equinox 385YEJared363 Votes
Spring Equinox 384YEJared166 Votes

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Hazelelponi; it will be reelected at Spring Equinox 387YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

Lepidean University

The original Lepidean Library was constructed by the Heirs of Lepidus, a chapter of stewards of the dead dedicated to finding and recovering records of paragons and exemplars. Initially founded by the Highborn Assembly of the Virtuous to identify inspirational Highborn, their efforts quickly expanded to include identifying potential paragons and exemplars among other human nations.

The original chapterhouse contained a considerable collection of writings and records relating to these historic inspirational figures, and was considered the most respected college for the study of the Way in the Empire. During the rampage of Emperor Nicovar, the library was one of the earliest casualties, burnt to the ground along with centuries of archives, and the chapter relocated to much smaller premises in Woodbury.

For a time, the area where the chapter-house once stood was maintained as a public park, but following the grand designs of Frederick di Sarvos, the Imperial Senate commissioned a restoration of the structure, including the Garden of Atun, grounds dedicated to cultivating vinum and other resources necessary for the refinement of liao. So extensive is this operation that it produces an additional dose of True Liao each season, which is added to the Virtue Fund of the Imperial Synod to be distributed by Judgement of Rewarding.

Completed following the Winter Solstice 383YE, the newly-rebuilt University is dedicated to not just the study of philosophy, morality, and religion but other topics that exalt the human (and orc) spirit - the arts and humanities. The edifice stands as a new monument to the importance of the Way in Highguard and, indeed, the Empire.


Details of some of the historical research that has been carried out, including that commissioned by the Librarian, can be found here.