to introduce into Imperial lore the following three recipe sets, and one poison. Names as following: Legacy of Thorns poison: ‘Legionnaire’s Stare’ ; Set ‘The double sided blade’: ‘Warming Armour’ and ‘Weakening Sun’ ; Set ‘Unshackled Gift’: ‘Ancestor’s Word, ‘Legionnaire’s Will’, ‘Indomitable Might’, ‘Skar’s Strength’ ; Set ‘The Last Resort’: ‘Watery Grave’ ‘Python’s Hug’, ‘Hooded Misery’, ‘Restless Slumber.’ All costs of 25 thrones will be funded by the Irontide.
Proposed by Skarsind, seconded Kallavesa.


  • This will make several new potion recipes available to Imperial apothecaries, including three new sets and one new potion added to an existing set.
  • Passed in principle.


  • Autumn 382YE


  • Distributing the recipes requires 25 Thrones


  • 25 Thrones received from Irontide Vio after the Autumn Equinox 382YE.

Campaign Outcome


  • The Speaker for the Senate notes that this is the second motion that was seconded by proxy senator Kallavesa during the Autumn Equinox senate sessions. The matter has been handed to the Magistrates to investigate. Anyone with information relating to the case is encouraged to speak to a Magistrate.