This title lost its bounty of mana when the Druj destroyed the Storm Vault. 


The Custodian of the Storm Vault was an Urizen Imperial title created following an announcement in Summer 379YE by the Crystal Architect of the Spires. Built in Proceris in the Urizen territory of Zenith, the Custodian oversaw the Storm Vault as a sinecure, requiring minimal responsibility but offering a regular income of crystal mana.

After the Spring Equinox 380YE, a plague of crystal-eating vermin saw the Senate commission white granite wards to help protect the Vault, which had the unexpected outcome of adding additional production to the sinecure.

During the 381YE Druj invasion of Zenith, the Storm Vault was destroyed by orc invaders. While its position high in the mountains allowed it to avoid the devastating flood, it was quickly overrun and ruined by the orcs.


The Custodian had no particular responsibilities; they simply received a bounty of crystal mana from the Storm Vault in Zenith.


Bounty of Mana

The Custodian of the Storm vault received an income of 10 crystal mana each season.


The Custodian of the Storm Vault was selected by unanimous decision of the Urizen senators.

The title could be held by any Urizen citizen. The Custodian had tenure, and served until they die or step down. They could be revoked by the General Assembly, the Urizen National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

After the flood
Currently the Storm Vault is ruined, and so the holder of this title has no powers and receives no production from the sinecure. If the Storm Vault were rebuilt, (assuming the Druj are driven out of Zenith), the current holder would resume their post if they have not stepped down or died in the interim.

The Storm Vault

Echostorm spire is named after two adjacent peaks. "Storm" is a real curiosity within Zenith - a region normally famed for its clear skies for stargazing - in that it is regularly shrouded by cloud, rain and high winds. Quite why this might be is a matter of some debate, but current theories tend towards a magical origin.

Whatever the truth of it, the Storm Vault was built to harness the magical flows. It consisted of a set of vanes looking rather like a large mithril flower set just about the level of the cloud line (which varies a little seasonally, but is typically below the peak of the spire), the vanes were adjusted and tuned to harness the energy of the prevailing conditions - both magical and meteorological.

Collected energy was channelled down through the mountain down a conduit, to the vault - which was a delicate mesh of mithril from which crystals were grown. Whilst only a few grew to maturity each season, the nascent crystals glowed and shimmered as the storm energy was harnessed meaning that the assembly resembled an extremely large cobweb chandelier.

The collector needed careful adjustment by civil servants, and bad weather on the side of a mountain made this a rather unpleasant experience. The role of the custodian was to ensure that the adjustment and configuration of both the vault and the collector were carefully monitored.

After the Autumn Equinox 381YE, the Druj sacked the Storm Vault. The mithril flower was torn apart, and the vault itself smashed open and looted.

Summer Solstice 380YEXanthius Echostorm

Recent Elections

This tile is no longer being elected as the Bourse seat it oversaw is not in Imperial hands. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.