To construct outposts and wards upon Urizen Mana Sinecures to resolve the escalating manavore problem currently affecting production, and preventing spreading to the rest of the Empire.

To be self funded at a cost of 2 White Granite for the outposts and an additional 4 crowns per mana sinecure.

Proposed by Morrow, Seconded by Kallavesa


  • The commission of a series of preventative measures to protect mana sinecure production within Urizen.
  • Passed in Principle.


  • Spring 380YE


  • 10 wains of White Granite
  • 20 Crowns in labour costs
  • Time: 3 months to construct


  • 10 wains of White Granite and 20 crowns supplied.

Campaign Outcome

The wards are now in place around, and the worst of the vermin have been cleared from the vicinity of the Caves of the Claw, the Tower of the Fall, the Storm Vault, the Glorious Fountain of Dawn and Dusk, and the Starlight Drift.

The new construction has been entirely successful in repelling the crystal-eaters - meaning that no mana is now lost to the creatures. Such creatures are normally a problem (albeit small) so as a consequence of eliminating them, each sinecure now provides an additional bounty of 1 crystal mana per season.