The construction of the Arbor of the Twin Roses was commissioned by the Senate during the Winter Solstice 383YE and completed shortly before the Spring Equinox 384YE.


The Voice of the Twin Roses is responsible for gathering and immortalising tales of true Love and true Glory not only across Dawn but in the wider Empire. They are also responsible for investigating stories of the spiritual powers of Love and Glory and demonstrating how these two ideals inspire, and in turn arise from, Virtue. If the Arbor were to be threatened, it would be the responsibility of the Voice to face those threats; likewise should any opportunity related to the Arbor arise the Voice would decide how to respond.


A Portion of Liao

The number of pilgrims and troubadours who visit the Arbor of Twin Roses sees the Voice provided with 14 doses of liao by each season by the civil service, to be used as they see fit.

Love and Glory

The noble house of Arien has long been a supporter in the pursuit of Love and Glory; it was Lady Zaha Arien who provided the designs for the Arbor. House Arien has committed to providing the Voice with two bondrings a year - one at the Spring Equinox and one at the Autumn Equinox - for as long as the responsibilities of the title explicitly state that they are to search for tales of true Love and true Glory in the wider Empire and not only in Dawn. There is some expectation that the Voice of the Twin Roses will deliver these to people they have deemed an inspiration but the choice ultimately lies with them.


The Voice of the Twin Roses is a national position appointed by the Synod. It is elected by judgement of the National Assembly of Dawn each year during the Spring Equinox.

The title can be held by any citizen of Dawn. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Dawn National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Spring Equinox 386YENoble Seri of The Twisted Rose60 Votes
Spring Equinox 385YELady Ailsa Tamerlaine29 Votes
Spring Equinox 384YEEstienne de Gauvain58 Votes

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Noble Seri of The Twisted Rose; it will be reelected at Spring Equinox 387YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

Arbor of the Twin Roses

The Arbor of the Twin Roses is located in Auvanne within sight of Endric's Hill to honour of the troubadour and exemplar Elayne Silverlark. Elayne is famous throughout the Empire for spreading tales of romance and adventure as well as stories of glory and heroism. Her stories were not solely those of the knights and witches of Dawn, however - according to legend she both took tales of her homeland to other nations and brought new stories of the glorious deeds of people in other nations to her countryfolk.

The structure consists of an extensive and beautiful garden surrounding two towers - one for Glory and one for Love - of fine white granite. These towers serve as repositories for tales, stories, and songs celebrating glory and love, and provide quarters for any troubadour who wish to visit.

Following the Spring Equinox, the architects installed a beautiful white marble plaque naming the citizens who helped pay for the construction of the Arbor. Each name is etched into the stone and then the writing illuminated with inlaid orichalcum. The whole thing is embellished with beautiful roses carved into the marble, all around the edges of the tablet.

Tales of the Twin Roses

The Voice of the Twin Roses can submit a single tale depicting true Love or true Glory to the towers each season.

A Lament for Aranel and Godric by Emmeline Weaver

Written by Emmeline Weaver of House du Gauvain
Gather round good people, I've a story to tell!
It's the sad tale of Godrice and Brave Aranel
They were lovers and champions our nation shall mourn
For they died as they lived, as great Heroes of Dawn

Knight protector of Winter was fair Aranel
And as champion of Accolades, Godric fought well.
Until all of the nation knew both of their names
For they died as they lived, winning Glory and fame

They had sworn that their loves and their lives they would share
Tested mettle and ardour into House Mortere
Their hearts and their names to each other they gave
And they died as they lived, being Loyal and Brave

In the forests of Skallahn these heroes were lost
For to win a great triumph at a terrible cost.
They say even the Jotun had tears on their face
When they died as they lived, in a true love's embrace

Lord Bryce & Lady Vivienne, or Love Defying Reason

Written by Ser Mercadier and Protectorate Rile
He was a lord of Griffinsong,
She Lady d'Acier;
And in a single grave they lie,
Dead on a single day.

He was a knight to Summer sworn,
She fought with breath and voice;
In Pride and glory equal matched,
In love each other's choice.

Beneath unfriendly stars he went
To face an unknown foe:
"This is my home, my Astolat,
It needs me; I will go."

For to the Harps of Astolat,
That summer breezes play,
Had heralds come to break and burn,
From out the Realm of Day.

The Cold Sun shines but cruelly,
To destroy its only goal:
Fuelled by a freezing Hatred
For all things that stir the soul.

And there in peaceful Astolat,
Upon that summer day,
The Cold Sun burned him to the bone,
And left him where he lay.

The dead brought to the Glory Square,
They laid them side by side;
And when she say him lying there
She held him close, and died.

One of a vile unnatural blow,
One of a heart sore torn;
She dead from Loyal love for him,
And he from love for Dawn.

Of all that knows no reasons -
Of laughter, beauty, art -
Love is the first and strangest
Of passions of the heart.

Love has no purpose but itself.
Love will not answer "Why?"
Love does not care to fade with time,
Nor with mere death to die.

As True Love overpowers death,
Know even as we mourn
So too the Cold Sun pales to naught
Against the blaze of Dawn<

The Tale of Yulia and the Heart of Ser Claudia Lovelorn

Once upon a time, upon the misty moors of Weirwater, there lived a young draughir enchantress of much Ambition. She loved her Nation. She loved Winter. And she loved her pack.

In Anvil town, she met Yulia Kasimiova Voronov, Senator for Miekarova and a fiery Varushkan Throne candidate, who was also lit with the fire of Ambition. They began a dance of courtship that would continue for the next few years.

Then, she was Enchantress Claudia and she was heir apparent of House Remys. She was dedicated deeply to the learning and application of Winter magic. She even rose up to create the position of Imperial Necromancer – someone who could advise on matters beyond the Labyrinth, guide Imperial citizens in matters regarding Whispers Through the Black Gate.

But there in lay dangers of the soul. The Eater of Love, a heinous construct that roamed from within the Labyrinth reached into the Anvil regio during the Autumn of 384 and struck at the Lady Claudia and her family. In its wanton greed, it clawed at their souls, and stole the Love from their hearts. They could no longer feel Love, and were told that they would have to learn how to construct and nourish it again.

Sadly during the same summit, the Heart knew no rest. There was a great conjunction, that led the armed assembled of Anvil through the Sentinel Gate. Yulia, Courageous as she was, joined her nation upon the field – marching to Zenith, to stop the hateful Druj from enacting shroud magic upon the Empire.

Yulia returned back through the Sentinel Gate, but mortally wounded. She came to the Glory Square to wish her darling farewell. There would be no grand Test for them to prove their love to House Remys. But their Love would be remembered. So in that moment, clasping hands in the Glory Square, Claudia went from Lady to Ser – she sundered her Nobility in order to marry Yulia and be bound together in troth and soul. They were married by the Earl of Fools, under the witness of all of Dawn. And in the moment of vows, now Ser Claudia felt that Love return to her heart as her darling Yulia slipped into the Labyrinth. The Love in her heart that all believed lost to the Eater of Love. To regain that which was lost, Claudia made a sacrifice, for the most Wintry of Loves.

She loves her Nation. She knew the Cost. She loves her pack. Know that great deeds are eternal.