The Guardian of Britta's Memorial is an Imperial title which was originally created by the Imperial Senate in Winter 376YE. The position of guardian was a sinecure, requiring minimal responsibility but offering a regular income.

Following the death of Empress Britta in 376YE, heroic efforts recovered her body and many of her effects from the Thule barbarians. The body was interred in the swamps of Kallavesa while her personal accoutrements were placed in a shrine of white granite in Necropolis. The eternal flame that burns in the courtyard before the memorial serves as a place of pilgrimage for those wishing to meditate on and show their respects to the departed Empress, whose inspirational example is already seen by many as re-igniting the flame of Imperial Pride following the disastrous reigns of Empress Giselle, Emperor Hugh and Emperor Walter.

Some controversy surrounded the sinecure; it was regarded as unconstitutional since it created votes in the Synod but was appointed by the Senate, allowing the Senate undue influence the Synod. The motion was not struck down by magistrates at the time, however, and so the title stood.

The first Guardian of Britta's Tomb was Ruth of Highguard, a Steward of the Dead belonging to the Cenotaph chapter of Necropolis. In Autumn 379YE, a delegation of Highborn and Winterfolk visited the shrine and removed the personal effects of the Young Empress. They were reunited with her body in Kallavesa. As news spread, the stream of pilgrims traveling to the shrine dropped to a trickle and then largely petered out. By the beginning of the Spring Equinox 380YE, the title of Guardian had become a purely ceremonial title, providing neither votes nor liao.

During the Winter Solstice 383YE the Imperial Senate voted to amend the shrine, creating instead a memorial to the Courage demonstrated by the Young Empress.


The Guardian oversees the memorial dedicated to the virtue of the dead Empress, and ensures the eternal flame is not extinguished.


A Portion of Liao

The sinecure provides five measures of liao to the Guardian each season, to be used as they see fit.

Voice in the Synod

The Guardian of Britta's Memorial may sit in the Imperial Synod, and possesses 10 votes in Synod affairs (or an additional 10 votes if they already have a congregation). They may use these votes in any assembly they are eligible for.


The Guardian is a virtue position which is appointed by judgement of the Courage assembly.

The Guardian has tenure and serves until they die or step down. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Assembly of Courage, and the Assembly of the Nine.

Spring Equinox 384YEHighguardSarah54 Votes
Winter Solstice 377YEHighguardRuth of the Cenotaph

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Sarah; it will be reelected at Spring Equinox 385YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.