Arrangements for the effects, body and goods of the late Empress Britta to be laid to rest in Necropolis (effects) and the Kallavesi marshes (remains) and for appropriate monuments to be erected in both locations.

Proposed by Necropolis, seconded by Sermersuaq.


  • Arrangements for the body of the late Empress Britta to be laid to rest in the Kallavesi marshes
  • Arrangements for her effects to be laid to rest in Necropolis
  • Appropriate monuments to be erected in both locations
  • Create Imperial Title Guardian of Britta's Shrine.
  • Passed at 7 Thrones with 12 votes against, money distributed to Necropolis


  • Passed Winter 376YE (Easter 2013).


  • 10 White Granite


  • Paid by Adamah, Senator for Necropolis, in Spring Equinox downtime
  • Ruth of the Cenotaph appointed by the Highborn


  • Sinecure providing 10 Synod Votes and 5 Liao


  • Senate Appointment

Future holders of this Imperial Title will be chosen by unanimous decision of the Highguard senators.

Legal Ramifications

  • Unconstitutional but not struck down

This sinecure is regarded as unconstitutional since it creates votes in the Synod but is appointed by the Senate allowing the Senate undue influence the Synod. The motion was not struck down by magistrates at the time and the construction has now been completed.