This position is a martial title.


The Captain of the Throne Guard is an Imperial title responsible for overseeing the Throne Guard sodality. Protectors of the Imperial throne, the Throne Guard are recruited, organised, and deployed by their Captain. The position was established by the Imperial Senate in Summer 383YE with the support of Empress Lisabetta, and funded by the House of Seven Mirrors - the Imperatrice's own guild. Perhaps ironically, the title was never appointed during Lisabetta's reign because the Throne disappeared shortly after it was established. Due to the method of appointment, the Captain can only be chosen by the Throne, leaving the official residence unoccupied by any save a small support staff. The first Captain of the Throne Guard would need to wait until the ascension of Empress Vesna.


The Captain of the Throne Guard has the responsibility to protect the Throne in accordance with the Throne Guard oath: "in body, mind and soul" and to recruit and roster members of the Throne Guard during Anvil Summits. In addition, if the Vigilant Shield itself were to be threatened in any way, it would be the responsibility of the Captain to deal with those threats.


A Portion of Liao

The sinecure provides 8 doses of liao each season. This allows the Captain to support the Throne Guard by arranging for virtuous auras, or to help remain alert to, or even counter spiritual threats to the Throne.

Staunch Defender and Final Recourse

The ultimate responsibility of the Captain of the Throne Guard is to protect the life of the Throne. In recognition of their dedication, and as a nod to the role Empress Lisabetta played in the establishment of the sodality, they receive two additional boons.

The Four Mortars are an apothecary guild whose roots allegedly date back to the foundation of the city of Holberg. They have committed to providing three doses of the Sovereign Specific to the Captain each season.

A second boon has been declared by the Five Rings - the same Dawnish weaver cabal who also provide the archmages with their regalia each year. Partially in recognition of Lisabetta's tenure as Queen of Dawn they have sworn an oath to provide the captain with a single bondring each year during the Winter Solstice. The obvious intent is that the ring be used to allow the Captain to provide succour to the Throne, but it might also be entrusted to another member of the Throne Guard. Indeed, the Five Rings have suggested that the Captain might wish to seek out the materials and skills needed to make an artefact version of the ring which could then be made part of the title's regalia.

Both of these boons are only provided while there is a Throne to protect however. If there is no Throne, these boons are lost until a new Throne is appointed by the Imperial Senate.


The Captain of the Throne Guard has excellent apartments at the Vigilant Shield in Mareholm. The manor also has quarters for a dozen other people - twice that number at a push - intended for the use of the Throne Guard. The Captain has final say over who may occupy one of these apartments.


The title is appointed each Winter Solstice by the Throne.

The Captain of the Throne Guard can be revoked by the General Assembly or the Assembly of the Nine.

Winter Solstice 385YEThe LeagueFlorian von Temeschwar

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Florian von Temeschwar; it will be reelected at Winter Solstice 386YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

The Vigilant Shield

On the road north of Anvil, in quiet Mareholm, stands a fine manor house. Close enough to the SIlent Sentinel to hear its massive warning bell, should it ever ring out to call Imperial citizens to vigilant defence. Unlike the great fortification however, the Vigilant Shield has been designed with pleasing proportions, bearing a passing resemblance to the Rose Towers in Semmerholm.

In the heart of the main house lies the oak-panelled chapel, adorned with portraits of paragons and exemplars, primarily of Vigilance and Loyalty. In pride of place is a lectern upon which rests an illuminated scroll, setting out the names and affiliations of fallen Throne Guard.

The manor house is surrounded by flower gardens, ornamented with statuary commissioned from artists of all nations of the Empire, and threaded through with a pergola walkway reminiscent of cloisters. The plants have been chosen carefully such that the gardens are in bloom for most of the year, yet can withstand the extremes of weather often experienced this close to Anvil. It is a haven in colourful shades of gold, green, white and violet, and often sparkles with silver raindrops.