The construction of the House of the Proffered Hand was commissioned by the Senate during the Summer Solstice 382YE. Following some confusion about the precise location where it was to be built, work on the House was completed shortly before the Summer Solstice 383YE.


The Lady of the Proffered Hand is responsible for overseeing, maintaining, and supporting the mission of the House. The Proffered Hand was established to help liberated slaves, and aims to provide shelter, sanctuary and physical and emotional healing to anyone who has been recently freed from enslavement. It provides a safe place to stay, helps visitors come to terms with their experiences, and encourages them to build a new future within the Empire. This includes guidance and teaching in the Way for any who have been deprived, or never had the opportunity to learn about it. It also has a wider mission to educate Imperial citizens, especially by providing advice about how best to help friends or family who have been rescued from slavery.


A Portion of Liao

The sinecure provides 12 doses of liao to the Lady each season, to be used as they see fit.


The Lady of the Proffered Hand is a national position appointed by the Synod. It is elected by judgement of the National Assembly of Dawn.

The title can be held by any citizen of Dawn. The Lady has tenure and serves until they die or step down. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Dawn National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Summer Solstice 383YELady Eleanor Novarion36 Votes

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Lady Eleanor Novarion. This title has tenure, the occupant may hold the title until it is revoked, they die or they relinquish the position. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

House of the Proffered Hand

"House" is something of a misnomer, representing a small estate. Situated near Caer Faucon, a small village in southern Astolat not far from the border with Casinea, it is a peaceful place in a sheltered valley, employing many of the village residents and helping to rejuvenate the local economy, devastated by losses suffered in recent military campaigns. The House of the Proffered Hand made use of an abandoned manor house and several smallholdings which had fallen into ruin. The grounds also contain many tents and pavilions, set up to provide temporary accommodation and medical facilities for those who need them.

Central to the structure is a beautiful chapel, dedicated to the Seven Virtues, that serves both as a place of meditation and study of the virtues, and as a place to educate those unfamiliar with the Way. It is a popular destination for pilgrims, some of whom chose to volunteer to support the House's mission.

The estate includes extensive gardens, both ornamental and those growing produce to feed the residents, tended by both staff and those in recovery. There is also a hospital building for treating those who arrive badly hurt, or who suffer from ongoing chronic conditions caused by captivity and torture.