Motion: to commission the House of the Preferred Hand (liao sinecure). Cost: 10 white granite, 20 crowns (self funded.) Territory: Winterbourne, Astolat. Appointed by Dawn National Assembly for life.
Proposed by Semmerholm, seconded by the Conscience.



  • Summer 382YE


  • This commission uses standard costs.
  • 10 wains of white granite
  • 20 crowns in labour
  • Three months to build


  • 10 wains of white granite and 20 crowns provided by Lady Eleanor Novarion after the Spring Equinox 383YE

Campaign Outcome


Immediately after the summit had ended, the Imperial civil service were informed that this motion was in error on the specific region where the House of the Proferred Hand was to be built. As the work had not yet begun on the commission, the civil service have indicated that they would raise an administrative motion to confirm that the Imperial Senate will approve the construction at Caer Faucon (a small town in southern Astolat near the Highguard border).

The administrative motion was raised during the Autumn Equinox, and the Senate confirmed the construction of the House of the Proferred Hand at Caer Faucon.