The Mayor of Caricomare is an Imperial title awarded to a League citizen. It is a National position, appointed by the Senator for Sarvos.

The docks at Caricomare were sunk, along with most of the district, during a terrible storm. In Autumn 378YE, on the thirty year anniversary of their destruction, the Senate authorised an ambitious rebuilding project. The docks would be restored, and along with them much of the ruined district. The title of Mayor was created at the same time. When the title was first created, the mayor was appointed by the Senator for Sarvos, and in turn helped to appoint that Senator. When fire tore through the Caricomare waterfront in Winter 383YE, however, the situation changed dramatically. The previous funds were no longer available, and the citizens of Caricomare no longer prepared to offer their votes to the Mayor (a situation that had been of questionable legality anyway). In the wake of the change the Constitutional Court took the opportunity to bring it into line with similar titles.


The title holder is expected to oversee the operation of the Caricomare docks and represent the citizens of that district to the Senator for Sarvos and the people of the League.



Eastern Trade
7 Crowns4 ingots of orichalcum, 4 measures of dragonbone, 2 ingots of tempest jade, and 2 measures of iridescent gloaming
16 Crowns8 ingots of orichalcum, 8 measures of dragonbone, 4 ingots of tempest jade, and 4 measures of iridescent gloaming
30 Crowns12 ingots of orichalcum, 12 measures of dragonbone, 6 ingots of tempest jade, and 6 measures of iridescent gloaming
46 Crowns16 ingots of orichalcum, 16 measures of dragonbone, 8 ingots of tempest jade, and 8 measures of iridescent gloaming
Local Trade
7 Crowns4 measures of beggar's lye, 2 measures of ambergelt, and 3 drams each of marrowort, Imperial roseweald, and cerulean mazzarine
16 Crowns8 measures of beggar's lye, 4 measures of ambergelt, and 6 drams each of marrowort, Imperial roseweald, and cerulean mazzarine
30 Crowns12 measures of beggar's lye, 6 measures of ambergelt, and 9 drams each of marrowort, Imperial roseweald, and cerulean mazzarine
46 Crowns16 measures of beggar's lye, 8 measures of ambergelt, and 12 drams each of marrowort, Imperial roseweald, and cerulean mazzarine
Western Trade
7 Crowns4 ingots of green iron, 2 ingots of weltsilver, 4 drams of bladeroot, and 1 crystal mana
16 Crowns8 ingots of green iron, 4 ingots of weltsilver, 8 drams of bladeroot, and 2 crystal mana
30 Crowns12 ingots of green iron, 6 ingots of weltsilver, 12 drams of bladeroot, and 3 crystal mana
46 Crowns16 ingots of green iron, 8 ingots of weltsilver, 16 drams of bladeroot, and 4 crystal mana

The Proud inhabitants of Caricomare are determined that the position of Mayor of Caricomare should be treated with the respect the title deserves. To that end, they have made arrangements to enable the Mayor to benefit from the large volumes of trade that pass through the rebuilt docks. As a result the Mayor can now use their title to acquire a range of valuable goods if they consider the prices worthwhile.

As a ministry, the title allows the holder to purchase quantities of special materials traded through the city at a set price. The Mayor makes their decision on how much money to spend during downtime from their character page. Money is removed from, and resources are placed into, the character's inventory when the downtime is processed. So great is the volume of trade that the Mayor has not one but three streams from which they can purchase materials, and can spend differing amounts on each stream. The first represents good imported from the west (Asavea and Sumaah), the second goods imported from the local area (Sarcophan and Axos), the final stream represents good imported from the east (Commonwealth and Jarm).


The Mayor of Caricomare is appointed during the Spring Equinox by unanimous decision of the League senators. If the senators cannot reach a decision, the title may be appointed by the Imperial Senate instead.

The title can only be held by any League citizen; the expectation is that they be a citizen of Sarvos but this is by no means a legal requirement. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the League National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Spring Equinox 386YEAloysius di Sarvos
Spring Equinox 385YEGrimandi Vascello di Sarvos
Spring Equinox 384YEGrimandi Vascello di Sarvos
Spring Equinox 382YEAria Notturno di Sarvos
Spring Equinox 381YEAria Notturno di Sarvos
Spring Equinox 380YEAria Notturno di Sarvos
Spring Equinox 379YEAria Notturno di Sarvos

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Aloysius di Sarvos; it will be reelected at Spring Equinox 387YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

Historical Issues

While questions were raised regarding the constitutional implications of this title, it successfully passed scrutiny. However, after the title of Mayor was created, the Constitutional Court determined that this position was not constitutional, that a sinecure should not be able to provide votes in a senatorial election. As the title had already come into being by the time this determination was made, the position stands, but it is exceptionally unlikely that another title could be created with these legal powers while the Court hold their current opinion.

For 30 years Sarvos, jewel of the league had its appearance marred by the southern Caricomare district, a shattered sunken ruin left to rot, its people displaced and its riches left for looters after the storm of 348 YE.

But no more, the area is once again a thriving district of Sarvos raised from its watery tomb, after 30 years of neglect the citizens of Sarvos banded together and raised the funds to restore their broken city to its former glory. Many sections had to built over, using the sunken ruins as the foundations for new structures, however great pains were taken to raise and restore some parts, the tomb of Empress Giselle in the Alivetti guild estates was one such area. It was painstaking raised from the waters, its foundations reinforced and then work began to restore it to its former glory. Other historic buildings have also been raised and restored or rebuilt in their previous image with numerous families and Cartas reclaiming lost property throughout the district.

An obvious new additions is the gleaming white statue that adorns the quayside, it depicts Senator Miroslav of Sarvos, who championed the rebuilding in the senate, looking out over the fruits of his hard work.

Some of the sunken roads have been left underwater and cleared of wreckage, leaving simple water ways that serve as canals and as a memorial to those who were lost to the storm. Many of the bridges build to span the waterways are adorned with memorial plaques and mementos. The districts of the Caricomare have been redesigned to keep trade, the districts life blood, flowing smoothly. Wide roads and canals now run through the district from the quayside like the spokes of a wheel, allowing people and goods to get where they need to be quickly.

One of the other new additions in the Notturno district, the official home of the Caricomare Night Market. During the day it is another bustling market place, however as the sun sets it really comes alive. It is claimed that the Night Market is lit by more lights than there are stars in the sky, it is always a riot of colours and sounds, anyone and everyone is welcome, whether they want to trade, entertain or be entertained.

The quayside is trading again, but the mechanical quays are still too badly damaged to function and whole sections had to be dismantled in the restoration process. Until the docks are fully rebuilt the Caricomare won’t be the trade hub it once was.

With the restoration of the district the position of Mayor of the Caricomare has once again become available, the position has yet to be filled.

Senator Miraslav of Sarvos