The docks at Caricomare have long been sunk, and upon this thirty year anniversary of the terrible storm that wrecked havoc on this historical dockyards, the senator for Sarvos wishes to propose that they are rebuilt.

The Civil Service auditors have costed the repair at 50 Weirwood 50 Thrones, and the senator wishes to effectively build these new docks, and to oversee them, a new position of Mayor of Caricomare, appointed by the current sitting senator for the territory, with powers to represent Caricomare and 25 assigned votes in territorial elections. They will be paid 15 Crowns a season, the upkeep to the senate is zero.

Proposed by Sarvos, seconded by Zenith


  • Permission to restore Caricomare in Sarvos.
  • No funding requested.
  • Passed in principle.


  • Autumn 378YE


  • 50 wains of white granite
  • 50 Thrones
  • Time: 6 months to construct
  • Upkeep: None


  • 50 wains of white granite presented by Mirislav, Senator for Sarvos after Autumn Equinox 378YE.
  • 50 Thrones presented by Mirislav, Senator for Sarvos after Autumn Equinox 378YE.
  • The project is now complete.

Campaign Outcome


This motion is controversial, notably for the provision of votes in a senatorial election and for the method of appointment. During scrutiny the Constitutional Court came to the decision that the unusual method of appointment was preferable to one in which a position that provided votes in election of the senator for Sarvos is appointed by Imperial citizens who are not League residents of Sarvos.

After the motion had passed scrutiny, further discussion by the Constitutional Court identified that the sinecure itself was unconstitutional because it provides votes in a senatorial election from individuals who are not present at Anvil. The motion was not struck down by magistrates at the time and the construction had already been approved. No future sinecure using this appointment method, or providing votes in this way, will be approved by the Constitutional Court.