Origen was a patron of the Anvil Hospital. After he stepped down as Speaker for the Senate in 377, the Imperial Senate created this sinecure to continue the support for the Hospital's work. It was destroyed by the Druj in 381YE.


The citizen appointed to oversee Origen's Rest was expected to use the bounty of herbs produced to benefit the hospital and to treat their patients.


Bounty of Herbs

The conservatory will produce 10 doses of True Vervain and 5 each of Marrowort, Imperial Roseweald, Cerulean Mazzarine and Bladeroot each season.


The Oversee of Orgen's Rest was an Imperial position appointed by the Senate. Any Imperial citizen could hold the title, and the overseer had tenure. They could be revoked by the General Assembly and by the Assembly of the Nine.

The Gardens of Origen's Rest

The beautiful gardens of Origen's Rest were destroyed when the Druj invaded Zenith in 381YE.

Recent Elections

There are no records that any citizen was ever appointed to oversee the gardens.