To create the sinecure of Origen's Rest, to be appointed by the senate, with the intention that it be used for the benefit of the Anvil Hospital.

Proposed by Segura, seconded by Tassato


  • To construct a conservatory in Zenith, using the herb garden of the retired speaker Origen as a foundation
  • Passed at 15 Thrones


  • Summer 378YE


  • 27 Weirwood



  • 27 wains of weirwood were allocated to this project by Cesare Sanguineo Rezia Di Tassato in Autumn 378YE
  • The conservatory will be completed by Winter 378YE


While the intention of the motion is to benefit the Anvil Hospital, the citizen who receives the sinecure will be free to decide how to use the bounty of herbs they receive.

Campaign Outcome