Inscribed in every contract ever written. Spoken in every deal ever made. The value of money is the one truth that every person knows.

Azul i Camra i Riqueza
Agent of the Bourse, Marta Kovar calculates the money due to sellers in the Public Auction


The public auction is used by the Imperial Bourse seats to appoint those positions which are settled by Auction of the Seats.

For historical reasons, a small amount of valuable building materials (mithril, weirwood & white granite) and occasionally even ilium are auctioned first. These are goods sent to the Bourse in advance by Imperial citizens who want a good price but have neither the inclination nor the time to attend the meetings at Anvil.

At the end of the auction, a single dose of true liao is auctioned off, with the winning bid contributed to the Virtue Fund.

Auction sessions

The public auction is held on Saturday, and the timing and location can be found in the event schedule and on signs around Anvil. The Military Council is the preferred location, but occasionally another meeting or event will take precedence and the Auction will move to another suitable location.


The proceedings are lead by an auctioneer, who is usually an Agent of the Bourse, a member of the civil service. Their role is a fine balance of keeping order, ensuring fair access to the auction for all present, and hosting a time-honoured Imperial spectacle.

Another Agent of the Bourse will usually be responsible for recording the the winning bids, taking the money, and giving out the purchased items.


All citizens are welcome to bid in the auction and it is usually a busy and fast-paced affair. Bids are settled using open ascending price auction.

The usual format is as follows:

  • The Auctioneer reads out the complete list of lots.
  • Bidding begins on each item in turn, with the Auctioneer suggesting an opening bid if none is forthcoming
  • A clear unique bid is taken from the first person seen and heard to give it, and bidding goes up until a winner is determined
  • The winner goes immediately to the Auction clerk to pay and receive their item or have their appointment recorded

Bidding is usually in Thrones and Crowns. Citizens are asked to have payment ready when bidding in order to keep things moving smoothly.

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