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Freeborn artist Doratea i Jovita i Riqueza's painting of the servants of Cold Sun attempts to capture their implacable, inhuman nature.
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During the Summer Solstice, Imperial heroes defeated several attacks by an – at the time - unknown force of soldiers. They attacked in Kallavesa, in Astolat, and in Miaren, targeting the Raven Seers of Ishal, the Prime Harp, and the Pool of Silver Clouds. These attackers, their origin and motivations initially elusive, eventually proved to be servants of an eternal of the Day Realm referred to as Cold Sun.

Even as the Archmage of Day and magicians of the Conclave met with representatives of this new eternal in formal parley, news began to spread of further attacks across the Empire. These assaults targeted locations as diverse as the Blood Red River Museum in Tassato, the Wellspring of Jade in Sarvos, the Wells of Janon in Gulhule, the farmlands of the Grey Watch Grasses in Reikos, Gulnar's Deeps, the Grand Conservatory of Music and the Tower of Light and Shadow in Redoubt, the Pavilion on Looking Glass Lake in Holberg... the list seemed never ending. The attackers were ultimately unsuccessful, but many people died in their assaults. In each case the victorious survivors spoke of preternatural blue-clad soldiers, implacably seeking to murder everyone they encountered and destroy these Imperial landmarks.

As the summit drew to a close, egregores began to warn of whole groups of their people simply... winking out of existence. After the summit it became apparent that these people had been slaughtered by those same blue uniformed soldiers.

All the evidence spoke to attacks by the forces of the Cold Sun, an entity that seems impossibly, to be dedicated to the absolute destruction of all thinking beings across the whole of Creation – starting with the Empire.

Heeding the warnings, three assemblies of the Imperial Synod upheld statements of principle urging their people to prepare for violence. The Navarr assembly, and the Dawnish assembly warned their nations to be vigilant, and to fight. The Vigilance assembly warned the faithful to flee, rather than engage these powerful combatants.

Yet in the days immediately following the Summer solstice, it appeared that the threat was ended.

Pure Morning

After the Solstice, the Autumn magic roused by the Bounty of the Brilliant Broker faded almost imperceptibly into another Imperial enchantment. A diverse group of Urizen magicians gathered at Anvil to perform Bright Eyes Gleam in the Depths, building on the foundation of Autumn to align the Empire with the Day realm.

The dawning magic brought with it a sense of clarity and focus. It kindled an awareness of lost and hidden things, especially in miners. And it caused regio across the Empire, those aligned with the Day realm, to blossom. Even the weakest existing regio became more potent, and new regio opened in every Imperial territory.

Opened like doors. And something came through those doors.

Heralds of the Cold Sun are travelling the Empire with malicious intent. They are hostile, they are dangerous, they seek to destroy Imperial citizens. Citizens should not engage with them if they are able. Thorns and Vates, assume these entities are enemies. They have proven powerful combatants. Be vigilant, do not strike first

Winifred Blackhawk, Navarr Assembly, Summer Solstice 385YE, Upheld (Greater Majority 322-0)

The Cold Sun promises to extinguish all that makes us Dawn; our Love, our art, our glory. We call on the questing knights of Dawn take up arms against their heralds. These are recognisable as being those and similar that attacked the Harps of Astolat.

Lucille Balladeal, Dawn Assembly, Summer Solstice 385YE, Upheld (Greater Majority 287-0)

The Cold Sun and its heralds walk among us. The heralds are sashed with blue. Their eyes are pits and they have no mouths. In the hot summer, on the dry ground, cold and ruthless fires are breaking out. They spread the unvirtuous purpose of purity and bring this to our places of great feeling. When they are seen by the Vigilant citizens of the Empire, urge your congregations to run. Do not engage them. Do not let them take one more from us.

Lenochka, Vigilance Assembly, Summer Solstice 385YE, Upheld (Greater Majority 270-0)


At first the attacks seem just as scattered and uncoordinated as those during the Solstice itself. Yet within a few days, they became more and more focused, more organised, more dangerous. They consist of the same blue-clad warrior-heralds of Cold Sun, but with increasing numbers of additional troops. Powerful magicians wielding forceful magic to scatter the opposing defenders and break their shields. Healers infused with the raw power of creation who revitalised the warriors and repaired both their bodies and their weapons, barely distinguishing between the two. Skilled captains and officers, possessed of near unbreakable armour capable of inflicting lethal strikes with their Day-forged weapons.

The heralds of Cold Sun fight without mercy, and evidence little concern for their own survival. Each engagement follows a similar pattern; the soldiers bring down anyone capable of standing against them and once they are no longer under immediate threat, execute anyone who still survives. In many cases, there is nothing left of the fallen save grey ash; their bodies and possessions alike burned away in a moment by the irresistible flame of the Cold Sun.

Fortunately, the warning delivered by the Vigilance assembly has spread far and wide, and not only among those dedicates of that particular virtuous path. On receiving the news from Anvil, these priests make a point of sharing the warning with anyone who will listen – perhaps inspired a little by the lesson of Joshua Benson whose inspirational tomb had been consecrated during the Solstice. As a consequence, when the servants of Cold Sun appear, people flee rather than fight. This means their homes are destroyed, but greatly reduces the loss of life.

It is hardly negligible however. It will take time to do a census, but over the months between the end of the Summer Solstice and the start of the Autumn Equinox there is little doubt that as many as two thousand Imperial citizens are slain by the soldiers of Cold Sun. Most are combatants who sought to fight, but perhaps a third are people unable or unwilling to flee who were ruthlessly cut down by the merciless heralds.

The number might have been even higher, despite the warning of the Vigilance assembly, if not for the efforts of Dawnish knights and Navarr thorns. Heeding their own assembly, a number of brave Imperial champions have spent the last several months fighting Cold Sun's emissaries, supporting communities and aiding defenders from every nation. Using the trods, these champions are able to respond quickly and effectively to word of incursions, often turning up in the nick of time to help prevent a massacre.

Several of the most successful bands speak of receiving unexpected aid. On more than one occasion, news is brought by heralds of Kimus and Phaleron, who quickly deliver a warning of an incipient attack and then return to the Day realm. Coupled with the powerful divinatory resonance of Bright Eyes Gleam in the Depths, these warnings help the defenders locate threatened areas and bolster the defenders.

In the Tumult

Dangerous as the attackers are, they are no match for fortifications or Imperial armies, and either retreat or are handily dealt with. The same pattern repeats again and again – the heralds emerge, and once they are identified, people rally to drive them away. There are tales of heroism and courage from across the Empire. Yet such tales all-too-often have tragedy at their hearts. People die, even as they win these battles against the servants of Cold Sun.

In Urizen

Urizen has a great many regio aligned with Day, and while all those known are connected to familiar eternals, the power of the Imperial enchantment causes a great many more to manifest. Cold Sun's troops attack all three Urizeni territories, but when they attack Morrow they receive significantly more resistance than they were perhaps expecting. As soon as the first herald emerges from a regio, a wall of shimmering crystal explodes around the Great Library of Canterspire burning with the fury of the sun at midday as a great tolling bell rings out across the mountains. The defenders are supported by the same great beasts that came to the defence of the Library when the Druj laid siege to it – prismatic crystalline lizard servants of the Celestial Library itself. They do not rest until the last of Cold Sun's soldiers are destroyed, and once the regio it has been using are secured, these gargoyle-sentinels sit watchfully over them ready to raise further alarms if needed.

In war-torn Zenith, the defenders are able to draw on the power of the magical wards placed on the territory by Imperial magicians; nightbound Proceris anchors a potent Dripping Echoes of the Fen providing invaluable protection to those defending the territory from the destructive heralds. The sentinels and magicians of Zenith are filled with a cold fury. How dare these creatures come here, and threaten them? Do they think they are more terrifying, more monstrous than the Druj? Do they dare to come to Zenith, after all that these people have endured? Their numbers further bolstered by angry koboldi and heralds of Estavus from the Crucible of Fate, the attackers are driven into the depths of the enchanted marshes, and the forests of Lustri. They do not return.

Not everyone is quite so fortunate; following a probing attack during the Summer Solstice a major force of Cold Sun soldiers attack the Grand Conservatory of Music in Redoubt. The isolated location of the hall sees the musicians and priests there taken by surprise, and while many are able to flee, many more are badly injured or killed. When sentinels from the Court of the White Fountain arrive, the beautiful structure is already in flames and the Urizen soldiers have a fierce battle on their hands. Without the intervention of Navarr thorns and Dawnish knights dedicated to fighting Cold Sun, there might have been significant loss of life.

In the Marches

In Bregasland, still recovering from the recent invasion by the Jotun, the defenders are able to draw on the power of the magical wards placed on the territory by Imperial magicians. It's fortunate that the beaters are being vigilant for threats, although they are perhaps expecting something a little less esoteric in nature. The Marches is well organised and ready to face the threat of Cold Sun, the various fortifications and local bailiffs alike working to protect the people and destroy the invading heralds.

In the Mournwold, perhaps heeding the recent statement of principle from the Marcher assembly, orcs and humans work together to drive off a major force of heralds seemingly bent on destroying Honour's Rest. As with the Jotun raids last season the vast majority of the orcs don't fight themselves of course – they still adhere to their peculiar pacifist philosophy – but there are more stories of those few younger orcs who choose to fight alongside the human defenders (which of course causes problems of its own). Along with the beaters organised by the Bailiff of the Downs, and the garrison of Farstrider's Watch the attack is stymied – but at some cost. The bulk of the casualties are taken by the brave defenders of the fortification, Mournwold Orcs and Marcher humans alike lay down their lives to defend the orchard, and the Marches.

Only Mitwold encounters any serious trouble, and that is more because of the other heralds ravaging the farms and towns here... but discussion of that particular problem will need to wait for another time.

In Wintermark

The Beacons of Hahnmark are lit, but just a little too late. The halls rally, but not in time. A cohort of Cold Sun's soldiers emerge from a regio only a few hours march from Freya's Garden, and by the time the heroes of Wintermark and their Navarr allies arrive, it is too late. The great steel-bound doors have been shattered, the gardens-halls scoured by fire, and the granite figure surmounted the grate has been torn down and reduced to rubble. The Winterfolk catch the heralds before they can break through the final doors and slaughter the terrified gardeners sheltering within. The ruined chambers echo with furious battle, and while all the attackers are dealt with, the hall is left in ruins, its bounty ashes.

Where the beacons of Hahnmark are lit too late, however, the Beacons of Kallavesa are supported by a nameless Suaq hero, a Winterfolk captain whose soldiers help spread the warning of Cold Sun's coming to the halls so they can defend themselves. It is just as well, as it turns out the largest force of Cold Sun attackers gathers here; it is as if something about the marshes offends the eternal or its heralds on some profound level. Without the swiftly-lit beacons, the second attack launched against Ishal might have succeeded.

In Skarsind

Sometimes the strategies used by the heralds are more cautious. In Skarsind, a significant force of Cold Sun soldiers is discovered fortifying the area around a hitherto-unknown Day regio in Estermark not far from Wulfric's Fall, the pass that connects to the now Thule-controlled region of Miechernya. If not for a chance meeting between a group of herders searching for a lost sheep and some Cold Sun scouts the force might have been significantly dug in by the time anyone realised it was there. A warning is raised, with the Imperial Orcs garrison of the Will supported by Ethengraw warriors, Tamazi battlemages, and other Imperial heroes fighting several days of pitched battle against the heralds before they are driven back and a watch set on the regio to ensure no more emerge.

In Bastion and Reikos

Some of the chapters of Highguard have received belated warning of their own. The Highborn assembly discussed a statement of principle warning against the threat of Cold Sun but while they supported it, it did not achieve a greater majority. Fortunately, there are any number of Highborn congregations who listen to the words of Vigilance and make sure they are heeded. When the first major attack comes, the people of Highguard are ready. An attack against Sybela is intercepted and dealt with before it can do more than token damage to the town and to the Physician's Hall that seemed to be its main target.

Unfortunately, at the same time one of Cold Sun's cadres is assaulting Bastion, another is attacking in Reikos. Their target is the town of Tabernacle, more specifically the Unbound Steel Hall of Lost Chapters, a memorial to the fallen. The chapters fighting in defence of Tabernacle are able to destroy the invading heralds, but not before they have done major damage to the Hall and the town itself. Many of the columns in the great portico are cracked, the statue of the basilisk that presides over the place is left headless, and many of the banners and relics in the basilica are seared by the terrible flame of Cold Sun, left naught but grey ashes. So much memorialising those lost, has now been lost because of the machinations of this terrible inhuman creature. Tabernacle remains, but the servants of the wicked eternal have struck at the heart of its people.

In Therunin

In Therunin the Navarr and the Great Forest Orcs of the Holt of the Oak defeat a large cohort of Cold Sun bent on burning the peaceful hospital of Peakedge Stead. It is fortunate that the Navarr are wise to the threat; their careful watch over the woodlands allows the early signs of Cold Sun's arrival to be spotted and a warning to spread quickly through the entire territory. Yet while the heralds are prevented from destroying the hospital and slaughtering the healers there, they manage to unleash some form of magic that sees the trods of Therunin seriously damaged

Still, at least the trods can be repaired. Human and orc lives cannot be restored so easily.

In Varushka

When Cold Sun attempts an assault against Icy Crag of the Eternal Sun in Miekarova, it quickly turns into a siege. Not only are many of the students and scholars at the Crag competent battle-magicians, but the vale where it stands is also home to the powerful Gremani family, cabalists with a long history of mastering Summer magic and little patience for fools. By the time the defenders of Grimhold arive, they discover most of the heralds already defeated; in addition to the Varushkan defenders it seems that the college's patron Jaheris has sent aid in the form of of moon-pale elfin warlocks armed with frigid ice-daggers to support his allies.

This pattern is repeated in other parts of Varushka, and the attackers are defeated with similar ruthless pragmatism. As near as anyone can tell, the heralds entirely avoid the wild woods and the cursed hills, using the Iron Roads to travel from settlement to settlement, which simply makes them easier to find. The protectors of each vale - not all of them entirely mortal in nature given this is Varushka - receive significant aid from the heroes and mercenaries patrolling the roads. (“Whether it comes from the Day realm or the Deep Woods it's still a monster,” as one schlacta opines philosophically).

In the League

While a few groups of Cold Sun heralds manifest within the cities of the League themselves, they are quickly dealt with. The largest attack takes place in Holberg – perhaps understandable given the emphasis that city places on knowledge and reason. Yet every League city has a fortification, and a relatively committed watch that maintains the peace. The heralds of Cold Sun are given short shrift. People still die, of course.

One of the League cities, however, is not threatened. Apulian is left entirely alone. Indeed, there are no reliable reports of Cold Sun heralds being seen anywhere in Spiral. Alone of all the territories of the Empire, it seems.

On the Coast

When the heralds of Cold Sun emerge from their regio in Madruga, Segura, and Kahraman they are met with a similar fury to that they encounter in Zenith. Yet there is nothing cold about this rage. Hakima, kohan, and the families alike are brought together by a raw anger that they, who have suffered so much, might be targeted by these creatures of the Day realm. After they lost Feroz to the Grendel, after the Jotun have invaded their western territories time and time again, it seems almost as if something snaps inside the people of the Brass Coast. Every incursion of Cold Sun is met with nearly overwhelming force from the families; the soldiers of the armies stationed in Madruga barely have time to respond before the threat is dealt with.

In Kahraman this defence is further bolstered by a Frozen Citadel of Cathan Canae, whose cold garrison seem to relish the opportunity to fight alongside the Freeborn against the unfamiliar heralds. There are several attempts to attack labour camps busy working on building roads and kamkrag across the territory, but thanks to the presence of the magically summoned fortification no serious damage is done before the heralds are dealt with.

The Summer Solstice heralds Summer changes - The eastern sky is born anew. We're still the peoples army, obviously, but now we're burning brighter than ever under the sun of the summer realm. We are their favoured. We are Dawn's favoured. I will thank them with all my heart for the boons they have offered us. I recognise the power that this lends to the Empire and I make a glorious vow to do them Proud whenever I call upon them. And I will call upon them. For now, however, rest and prepare to utilise this. A year and a half on the march has taken it's toll on you and I love you for too much to force your achy feet. Enjoy Weirwater though because you are going mana hunting (it'll be fun I promise, thank you Meraud) Look for the Shiney crystals - The soldier who finds the most wins. Winner gets a night in Highwater Keep. Happy Gathering! P.S. Keep an eye out for strange Day Realm things. Egregore's orders.

Dame Aurum De Castellan, General of the Eastern Sky

Summer's Glory

There is one nation where the attacks are abject failures even before they begin. The nation of Dawn is currently covered in a magical aura of its own. The eternal Meraud gave the enchanters of Dawn a magical scroll with which to draw down the power of the Summer realm, both to celebrate his recent patronage of the Eastern Sky, and so that they could prove their magical prowess and gain his full approval.

When Cold Sun attempts to send its troops into Dawn, the knights and witches and yeofolk militia seem almost to welcome the opportunity. In every case their defence is reinforced by heralds from the Summer realm – Meraud sends golden lions to fight in Astolat, Rhianos sends trident-wielding tritons to fight Cold Sun on the shores of the Semmerlak while Eleonaris has a small force of swift-footed stag-knights stationed at the Castle of Thorns ready to charge to whichever part of the territory might need protection. Cathan Canae and Adamant send frost giants and kobodi respectively to bolster the defenders of the Adamant Gate. Gold and silver owls, servants of Barien bring swift warning to the defenders whenever a herald of Cold Sun sets foot on any of the roads that criss-cross the Dawnish territories.

Soldiers of the Sun our time for the invasion of the barrens is over. The revelry that the rest of dawn has enjoyed is now yours. Invite your families invite your lives. Bathe in the glory you have earned. Tourneys will be organised, feasting and tale telling, a great celebration is occuring in astolat enjoy your rest. Should any force arrive shall meet them with a solid defence.

Zoran De Orzel, General of the Golden Sun

Even Jaheris sends his servants to protect the beleaguered people of the Barrens, his giant spiders, cowled warlocks, and goblin slingers emerging from the ruins of the Towers of the Dawn to fight alongside the households protecting the new settlers.

With the aid of Summer, the dogged defenders triumph over Cold Sun. It doesn't hurt that the soldiers of the Eastern Sky and the Golden Sun are here, albeit on furlough as they celebrate their recent victories in the east; nor that the nation is protected by the grand fortification of the Castle of Thorns.

Improbable as it might seem, not one Dawnish citizen is reported as slain by the soldiers of Cold Sun. Not even a single yeofolk fighting alongside the garrison of the fortifications falls to the heralds of the Day Realm.


Almost all the Empire's fortifications have suffered a little damage, but none of the Imperial armies have been directly engaged. Where there were fortifications or armies, the damage to the people has been minimal. The attacks by Cold Sun have not been severe enough to prevent defending armies resupplying, which is particularly good news for those enchanted with Brotherhood of Tian.

After six weeks or so of fighting, attacks by and sightings of Cold Sun troops become less frequent. As the Autumn Equinox approaches, it seems that the Empire has weathered the storm.


Two weeks before the Autumn Equinox, the attacks resume and this time they have a very different tenor. Rather than attacking seemingly random targets, the heralds of Cold Sun begin to act like a conquering army. They quickly secure the area around the regio they emerge from, and they begin to spread out. They methodically destroy settlements, killing anyone they encounter. They use the terrain to their advantage, demonstrating awareness of where the major population centres and fortifications are to be found.

They use the roads – including the Blood Red Roads and the Iron Roads - to their advantage. At first it seems they shy away from the trods, but then the Navarr heroes dedicated to fighting them report that they are somehow severing the flow of Spring magic, cutting individual trods and causing them to wither and fade. Some of the soldiers seem to be able to wield the power of Cold Sun directly to “burn out” the power of a trod as they expand. So far only Therunin has been seriously damaged... but it is surely only a matter of time before the heralds are able to destroy an entire network.

Worse is to come. Where the Cold Sun forces at first gathered in groups of dozens, and then several hundred came together in a territory to launch a serious attack, now they are gathering in cohorts of several thousand. Perfectly disciplined, moving and attacking with a supernatural clarity whose effects are somewhat familiar to Imperial magicians, they set about conquering the Empire.

Or more factually, they set about trying to destroy the Empire.

Cold Sun Art.jpg
Very little is known about Cold Sun, save that it seeks to purify all of creation by removing that which is irrational - starting with every single human and orc.


As the Autumn Equinox approaches, the civil service scramble to collate the information from across the Empire. According to eyewitnesses, scouts, and limited divination, there are now major Cold Sun forces all across the Empire. Four are in the north-west; in Rundhal Marsh in Kallavesa; in Valasmark in Hahnmark; in Northpines in Hercynia; and in Oakways in Miaren. Two are in Varushka; in Livardz in Volodmartz, and in Duzekani in Karov. One is slowly spreading across Burnish in Segura, and a final force has coalesced in Woodbury in Bastion itself.

Estimates in each case suggest that while they are not individually equal to an Imperial army – their fighting strength is estimated to be around three thousand soldiers - their remarkable acuity means that they are a tangible threat to the safety of the territories where they have appeared. They are also capable of moving; some are close together especially in the north-west and might in theory and may join up to focus their power.

The Empire has never in its history faced a threat like this. There is nothing to stop the Cold Sun sending more troops through the regio it controls to bolster these numbers even further. Worse, the Empire has seen immediate evidence that this means Cold Sun can potentially send armies anywhere in the Empire should it so wish. While they are scattered across the Empire, it is likely they are in constant communication with one another. Messengers from one part of the Empire can enter the Day realm with a report and another messenger be dispatched to deliver intelligence to any force anywhere in the Empire. There's also no telling what kind of magic Cold Sun might be able to entrust to its servants; the ability to burn out the trods might only be the start.

The one saving grace is that by the end of the Autumn Equinox, the power of the Imperial enchantment should have faded sufficiently that the regio it has bolstered will lose power again.

Unless, of course, the servants of Cold Sun have some way to keep them open.

Sound and Fury

There are other eternals who wish Imperial citizens ill; the Whisper Gallery, the Maelstrom, the Death of Empires, the Green Mother, and of course Blood-on-the-Snow. Only Yaw'nagrah has ever attempted anything resembling an attack of this kind, and even then her depredations were restricted to territories outside the Empire and were not remotely on this scale.

The Imperial Conclave has placed a barrier between these monsters and the Empire, a protection that they cannot easily penetrate without the aid of the occasional rogue traitor. No such interdiction prevents Cold Sun sending its servants through the regio into Imperial territories.

None-the-less, most scholars conclude that the unprecedented scale of this attack can only be possible because the Empire chose to cast a massive Day ritual aligning the Empire with the Day realm, while Cold Sun was preparing to attack. Cold Sun launched scores of sporadic raids against the Empire before, during and after the Summit, but there is nothing to suggest that the eternal possessed the kind of power needed to bring so many of their forces into the Empire. It can only have been made possible due to the power of the ritual.

That ritual's power is fading even now. In the event the Conclave does declare Enmity against Cold Sun, this will almost certainly prevent new heralds entering the Empire, but neither enmity nor the dwindling magics enchanting the Empire will do anything about the thousands of the eternal's soldiers currently present across the Empire. They will be denied reinforcements, but those forces that are now present in the Empire will be able to attack with impunity until they are dealt with.

Game Information

Every Imperial fortification has taken 500 casualties in the process of driving off Cold Sun heralds, and will receive no resupply this season. The exceptions are the fortifications of Dawn, the two fortifications in Spiral, and the Broch in Brocéliande which is not within Imperial territory.

No Imperial armies have suffered casualties, and their ability to resupply has not been impeded.

The Grand Conservatory of Music in Redoubt has been destroyed, as has Freya's Garden in Hahnmark and the Unbound Hall of Steel Chapters in Reikos.

The trods of Therunin have been damaged by Cold Sun; they are still functional but are likely to slowly deteriorate over time if not repaired. Unfortunately, as Therunin is a territory with a vallorn, it will be necessary to repair them by performing the ritual at a regio in a region with the vallorn quality.

There are now major forces of Cold Sun heralds in several Imperial territories. The civil service are collating reports, but exact numbers are not available. It will fall to Imperial diviners to determine precise numbers – likely with rituals such as Eyes of the Sun and Moon. What is clear however is that these armies follow similar rules to those that apply to any other campaign army with a few significant exceptions.

They do not seem to suffer problems with securing beachheads – that is they have a quality similar to the Technique of the Mountainous Ascent wielded by the Citadel Guard so they do not suffer penalties to attack a region which is not adjacent to a region they control.

They are capable of being in a territory without controlling a region; driving them out of a territory by generating more victory points will not be an effective strategy. The armies must instead be forced to disband.

As long as they are not under the effect of enmity, the army will be able to benefit from natural resupply as long as they have access to a suitable Day regio and there is no opposing force present during the season. Even while attacking, more heralds will be dispatched from the Day realm to reinforce the army.


During the last three months there have been attacks across the Empire. In each case, players are encouraged to create stories of how this has affected them. It is important to note, however, that while there have been many assaults, Cold Sun is by no means everywhere. People are also going about their day-to-day lives without any threat from the heralds. Their attacks have been aimed against specific targets, often those associated with some combination of Spring or Night magic, music or the arts, intuition and imagination.

Even though there are armies of Cold Sun heralds now in several regions across the Empire, their invasion is still in its early stages. It is entirely possible for a player character to have no further involvement with these attackers than hearing stories of attacks from other parts of their nation.


There are several conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate that will allow Imperial heroes to engage Cold Sun forces. Further details will be available shortly before the Autumn Equinox. There is no major conjunction however; Cold Sun will not be faced as part of a battle during the Autumn Equinox.

What Might Be

  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are moving towards one of the more volatile geysers in Morrow
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 18:45 on Friday to Seneca's Meadow, Peregro, Morrow
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Churnspire Adjutor is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the south-east of the Empire, in Morrow, the door at the end of a long corridor inlaid with mithril opens in the Churnspire. Mage, one of the heralds of Meraud who inhabit the turret, warns that a force of the heralds of Cold Sun are advancing towards the Churn; a volatile geyser in Peregro. If the heralds are not stopped then they will unleash the destructive force of the Churn. The Churnspire will suffer significant damage, and worse, there will be widespread damage to the surrounding area as boiling rain pelts down and a cloud of ash smothers the wildlife.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that this represents a direct request from Meraud to the Churnspire Adjutor it is the responsibility of the incumbent, Alexios, to stop the heralds.

Dangerous Words

  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are advancing on the vale of Veresk
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 19:15 on Friday to Gulgisaz, Nitrost, Karsk
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Warden of the Trees and Hills is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the north-east of the Empire, in Karsk, there is singing and rejoicing late into the night. The Vereski Stzena keep the spirits up of the entire vale following the successful defence of the settlement from the heralds of Cold Sun. Then, the warning comes. Multiple forces have been seen, larger this time, and the defenders are all but spent. The Goats of Karsk will remain and do what they can; they could hold their own against two of bands of heralds at most, but if all three come against them, they will be overwhelmed. If the heralds are not stopped then the vale of Veresk will fall once again, and this time the stubborn defenders with it. The situation is desperate, but if the Empire can intercept one of attacks and destroy the heralds then that would be enough to save the Goats and and Veresk.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that this represents a direct threat to the prosperity of Karsk as a whole, it is the responsibility of the Warden of the Trees and Hills, Zakhar “Crow” Strascovich, to stop the heralds.

From Stone to Stone

  • A force Cold Sun heralds are moving towards the Halls of Worth
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 19:45 on Friday to Oathwright's Glade, Gildermark, Skarsind
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Weigher of Worth is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the north of the Empire, in Skarsind, there is a high mountain that overlooks the town of Gildenheim. Near the top of that mountain there are a small cluster of halls, the Halls of Worth, where Imperial Orcs can go to consult the oathwrights who tend the halls and gather the mana crystals that form in the frigid caves below. A weak Day regio, already faltering, has formed part way up the mountain. Now a force of Cold Sun heralds are making their way towards the halls, and the orcs who watch over this place of learning are trapped, unable to escape from this threat. If the heralds are not stopped then those at the halls will be unable to flee and every single Imperial Orc at the Halls of Worth will be slain. The heralds will tear down the halls and render the caves beneath inaccessible.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that this represents a direct threat to the Halls of Worth, it is the responsibility of the Weigher of Worth, Ghillihg, to stop the heralds.

The Welcome

  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are moving to claim a Day regio in Bregasland
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 21:00 on Friday to Harry's Field, Gravenmarch, Bregasland
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Keeper of the Dour Fens is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the west of the Empire, in Bregasland, there are reports from the beaters in the territory that a force of Cold Sun heralds have emerged from a faltering Day regio and are making their way to the "Still Rock"; a potent regio that is unaligned to any other Day eternal in Gravenmarch and that is connected to the working beneath Graven Rock. If the heralds are not stopped then they will claim the Still Rock and be able to make use of it in the coming season. If Conclave imposes enmity on Cold Sun, that would normally make it impossible for the eternal to send their heralds into the Empire. But it is well known that cultists or heralds already inside the Empire can make use of regios to enable an eternal under enmity to send aid - it is a common strategy employed by the followers of Agramant, an eternal who has laboured under enmity for years.

Thus it is clearly possible for Cold Sun's forces already in the Empire to use such day regio to bring in reinforcements - if the Empire leave them in control of the regio for a season, the implication is that they will use it to bring another army of heralds into the territory over the following season, regardless of any Conclave declarations.

The force of heralds is made up of warrior and battlemages. Given that this would also result in damage to the mine workings , it is the responsibility of the Keeper of the Dour Fens, Bill of Middleton, to stop the heralds.

The Hunt Begins

  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are advancing on the Cerevado Nets
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 21:30 on Friday to Path to Cerevado, Lucksprings, Segura
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Custodian of the Cerevado Nets is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the south west of the Empire, in Segura, there are warnings of a force of Cold Sun heralds that have recently crossed into Lucksprings. The force of heralds are marching towards the recently established Cerevado Nets and there is no Imperial presence close enough to intercede before they reach the nets and the workers who refuse to abandon them. If the heralds are not stopped then they will slaughter the workers of the nets and claim the gathered ilium for themselves. The civil service are unsure of what use the heralds might have for the precious star-metal but considering the servants of Cold Sun's previous actions it's reasonable to assume it wouldn't be good.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, and battlemages. Given that this represents a direct threat to the workers of the nets, it is the responsibility of the Custodian of the Cerevado Nets, Garviel i Abrira i Erigo, to stop the heralds.


  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are advancing on the Brilliant Star
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 15:00 on Saturday to Magnus' Thicket, Tomari, Redoubt
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Grandmaster of the Unfettered Mind is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the south-east of the Empire, in Redoubt, the Spire of the Seventh Mist warn of a coming threat to the Brilliant Star. The scholars, who are well known for their interest in the mine, believe that the mine's natural affinity for Day magic is drawing the heralds like moths to a flame. Their worry is that if the heralds are not stopped then they would not only slaughter the workers of the mine and claim the gathered mithril for themselves, but that they would also somehow change the nature of the mine.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that there is nobody in the position of Custodian of the Brilliant Star the Seventh Mist have requested the aid of the Grandmaster of the Unfettered Mind, Eliza, to stop the heralds.

To the White Tower

  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are moving to secure the White Tower
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 15:30 on Saturday to The Broken Holt, Sybella Cross, Bastion
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Senator for Bastion is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the east of the Empire, in Bastion, a patrol of unconquered was attacked by a force of Cold Sun heralds moving from Woodbury into Sybella Cross. The force of heralds are making their way towards the ruined fortification of White Tower. If they are able to take them they set about reinforcing the ruins; creating earthworks and bulwarks so as to better support the army in the territory. If the heralds are not stopped then they will claim the ruined fortification, using it to aid in their conquest of the territory. It would add a further thousand strength to the Cold Sun force in Bastion's efforts to claim the region of Sybella Cross.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that this represents a direct threat to the safety of the territory, it is the responsibility of the Senator for Bastion, Suvi Frostbrand, to stop the heralds.

Shadow in the Night

  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are moving to disrupt the trods of Hercynia
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 16:00 on Saturday to Danwyn's Coppice, Northpines, Hercynia
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Spear of the Seven is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the north west of the Empire, in Hercynia, a report comes from the sole survivor of the Long Day striding. The striding were making their way through the Northpines when they came across a force of Cold Sun heralds making their way towards a path in the forest where the trods cross, similar to the situation in Therunin. If the heralds are not stopped then they will burn out the power of the trods, severely disrupting them in the territory requiring a conjunction to Deer's Folly to perform The Dance of Navarr and Thorn to repair.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that this represents a direct threat to the efforts against the vallorn, it is the responsibility of whoever is appointed the Spear of the Seven at the upcoming summit to stop the heralds.

First Claiming

  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are advancing on the Eternal Shafts of Time
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 17:30 on Saturday to the Thicket of Nieshka, Wieliczka, Karov
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The General of the Eastern Sky is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the north of the Empire, in Karov, there is a strange incident. A herald of the Fire Mage, in the clothing of a volhov, with bright blue cheeks and bearing a staff that seems to glow in the twilight walks into the fortified settlement of Vorota with a warning; a force of Cold Sun heralds are making their way to the Eternal Shafts of Time and they will slaughter the workers at the mine if they are not stopped. But the schlacta of the vale are still recovering from the attacks across the Empire over the last three months. The volhov offers condolences, chants in a whisper into their staff for a few minutes, explains that they have arranged for help, then leaves. In Weirwater, at Spiral Castle where a large number of soldiers of the Eastern Sky are resting there is a sudden blaring of trumpets followed by a request to whoever is elected as general at the coming summit to venture to Karov and stop the heralds of Cold Sun.

If the heralds are not stopped then they will slaughter the workers of the mine and claim the gathered mithril for themselves. The civil service are unsure of what use the heralds might have for the precious metal but considering the servants of Cold Sun's previous actions it's reasonable to assume it wouldn't be good.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that this represents a direct request to the General of the Eastern Sky, it is the responsibility of whoever is elected as general to stop the heralds.


  • A force of Cold Sun heralds are advancing on the Augurs of the Opalescent Gloaming
  • The Sentinel Gate will open at 18:00 on Saturday to White Owl Fields, Kronemark, Hahnmark
  • This skirmish is a combat highly likely encounter
  • The Imperial Seer is responsible for stopping the heralds

In the north-west of the Empire, in Hahnmark, there is an omen: a fish is seen jumping from the Kronevann and landing on the ground at Turelva. When a dog tries to eat the fish it chokes on a hook in the fish. A force of the heralds of Cold Sun are making their way towards Kronemark and the White Owl Hall of the Augurs of the Opalescent Gloaming. If the heralds are not stopped then they will slaughter the Winterfolk coven and destroy the White Owl Hall. The Imperial Seer would no longer receive Waters of the Shimmering Shore each season and citizens would start to withdraw from both Kronemark and Bruckland towards the relative safety of Kalpaheim.

The force of heralds is made up of warriors, battlemages, and archers. Given that this represents a direct threat to the Augurs of the Opalescent Gloaming, it is the responsibility of the Imperial Seer, Jorma Steelhail, to stop the heralds.

Design Note

It's important to recognise that Cold Sun is a military threat, not a purely magical one. While the nature of the armies is esoteric - heralds from the Day realm - they are fundamentally armies. It is not possible to create an arcane projection to dismiss them any more than it is possible to dismiss a Druj or a Jotun army. They are here, in the Empire, and looking to destroy as much of it as possible. Now that they are here they are every bit as much flesh and blood as any other military threat the Empire faces.