The image of Adamant as a dragon, coiled atop a hoard of gold and jewels of incalculable value, is a powerful one.
If the koboldi are anything to go by, there is something draconic about King Adamant.

Eternal of Summer


Until very recently, King Adamant has been largely unknown in the Empire. The magicians of the Principalities of Jarm are believed to have extensive contact with him, where he is known as Sharaz, of the Throne of Adamant which implies that "Adamant" may be a title rather than his actual name. He is also believed to be a patron of some Asavean magicians, especially those responsible for building the great temples and monuments so beloved by the people of the western archipelago.


In the Empire, very little is known about King Adamant. In one Jarmish text, he is depicted as a titanesque man with skin of white granite – like a living statue - seated on a throne, crowned, in vestments of mithril. In another, more fanciful image, he is depicted as a dragon with skin of gold, his scales encrusted with brilliant gemstones. Some scholars who have managed to speak to his koboldi describe him as a great stone face that appears on the wall of an immense throne room.

He is said to be the king of a subterranean nation inhabited by short, stocky servitors who are incredible stonemasons and miners - the koboldi. These servants plumb the depths of the earth for gemstones and precious metal which they craft into beautiful forms as gifts for Sharaz. They are also sometimes sent to aid other eternals, or even evoked by mortals, to help in the creation of great, enduring works of stone especially fortifications.


Adamant is strongly connected to the enduring nature of the Summer realm. One Jarmish text refers to him as a consort, child or rival of Cathan Canae, but it is not clear if there is any actual relationship. Adamant also embodies the resonance of majesty - he encourages mortals to build immense, inspiring structures and beautiful, glittering jewels with equal gusto; to delve deep into the earth to uncover the treasures hidden there; and to do everything on an immense, awe-inspiring scale.

It is not clear what has sparked his current interest in the Empire, but the first recorded appearance of his koboldi came during the Winter Solstice 379YE when a koboldi workforce appeared to help deal with accursed damage to the Castle of Thorns. The koboldi have been seen several times since - on the field at Anvil, and helping to maintain the Court of the White Fountain in the face of a malign curse.


Adamant appears to have boons related to construction and repair of castles, that much is clear. His koboldi claim to be expert miners as well - it is likely he may be able to offer boons related to mining such as Delve Deep, Beneath the Mountain. There is some speculation that he may be able to offer boons that grant mortals the properties of stone such as Stout Resolve of the Unyielding or Unbreakable Spirit, Unreakable Blades. At this time, it is difficult to do more than guess.

During the Winter Solstice 383YE, two rituals that draw on the power of Adamant became part of Urizen lore. Raise the Dragonsworn Cohort provides a warband of koboldi to a mine owner, and in return Adamant claims the production they would otherwise have received. Stone's Unyielding Defiance enchants a fortification, both greatly enhancing its strength and repairing any damage at the point the ritual is cast. In theory, Adamant could provide assistance to an Imperial magician who wanted to create versions of these rituals.