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This ritual is part of Urizen lore rather than Imperial lore.


Summer Magnitude 90

Urizen Lore

This ritual is part of Urizen lore rather than Imperial Lore. Any Urizen character with the appropriate lore can master or perform this ritual. A character from another nation who mastered the ritual before it became part of Urizen lore may still perform it, but does so under the usual rules for performing a ritual learned from a ritual text.

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 10 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a fortification, and must be performed in a strong Summer regio in the territory containing the fortification. If the territory is part of the Empire, then it may instead be performed from the Imperial regio.

This spell is an enchantment. A target may only be under one enchantment effect at a time.


Over the coming season, the target fortification is infused with the power of the eternal Adamant. This presence raises the effective strength of the fortification by 1,500 for all purposes. This additional strength does not reduce the damage done to the fortification.

In addition the fortification is repaired for 250 points of strength at the point the ritual is cast - the repair comes into effect at the start of downtime. This is similar to the repair caused by the Hammers of the Brilliant Shore ritual.

The effect lasts until the start of the next Profound Decisions Empire event.


This ritual uses the power of Adamant and while it can still be performed if the eternal is placed under enmity doing so will both have legal repercussions and risk angering the eternal. The ritual loses all power if the Court of the White Fountain in Redoubt is ever destroyed.



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