This picture appears on the page for any ritual that is part of Urizen lore rather than Imperial lore.

Urizen Lore

Urizen lore (named in the same manner as Imperial lore) is a special body of magical knowledge supported with the assistance of the eternal Phaleron. It functions in a very similar manner to Imperial lore, but only citizens of Urizen can master the rituals contained within it. Even if an individual Urizen magician has not mastered one of these rituals, they may still perform it, just as any other Imperial citizen can perform a ritual that is part of Imperial lore.

The lynchpin of Urizen lore is the Grand Library of Canterspire, a magical library in Morrow that is operated by the eternals of the Celestial Library in conjunction with the people of Urizen.

Adding a ritual to Urizen lore requires the ritual text to be the target of the Gift of Knowledge ritual. Rather than being returned to the caster, the ritual is added to the body of Urizen lore and becomes available to every Urizen magician following the summit where the ritual is added to lore.

It is not possible for the Imperial Conclave to use a declaration of dissemination or Imperial lore to affect a ritual that is part of Urizen lore, nor is it possible to either remove a ritual from Urizen lore, nor to recover the ritual text once it has been added to the body of knowledge.

A former Urizen citizen who leaves the nation loses access to rituals that are part of Urizen lore; they can be replaced using the normal process of changing mastery.

Rituals in Urizen Lore

Good Green OakGrants one rank of endurance for a seasonSpring6
Wellspring of the High PeakTrades measures of ambergelt with an eternal to produce Spring visSpring6
A Goblet of StarsEnchants a physick with the ability to use any healing herb as if it were true vervainSpring8
Fountain's BountyEnchants a mana site to produce additional herbs, forest materials, and moneySpring12
Woven Strands of LifeTransforms a mana site into a herb garden for a season that receives additional productionSpring14
Aspect of the MountainGrants a significant increase to the strength of a military unit when supporting a fortificationSummer20
Raise the Dragonsworn CohortProvides a powerful military unit for a season in return for a mineSummer20
Vital Strength of the EarthGrants additional power to uses of the unstoppable and relentless skills while touching earth or stoneSummer28
Crown of Phoenix FireGrants two ranks of endurance to a group for a seasonSummer32
Hook of the Hoarfrost GuardianGrants four strikedowns a day with a pole-arm for a seasonSummer40
Swords in the Noonday SunEnchants a campaign army changing its quality and filling soldiers with zeal for victory Summer80
Stone's Unyielding DefianceEnchants a fortification, repairing it and increasing the combat strength by 1,500 for a seasonSummer120
Ethereal CourierSend a specially prepared package to a named individual in a known locationAutumn10
Net of Gossamer ChainsEnchants a congregation to provide 3 autumn visAutumn14
Quick StudyEnchants a college of magic to speed codification of ritualsAutumn42
Eyes of the HillsEnchants a campaign army changing its quality and granting supernatural ability to defend a territory with hillsAutumn80
Chastise the FoolishCurses a target making them unable to use religious skills for a yearWinter20
Peregrine and IchimosEnchants a military unit to grant additional strength when supporting an army or defending a fortificationDay10
Blades of Clear SightEnchants a character who has the Weapon master skill to call IMPALE three times per dayDay14
Irresistible Stance of Force and FocusEnchants a magician to allow them to cast REPEL four times a dayDay14
Arete and the Fields of WarEnchants a warrior with various abilities dependent on weapons and armourDay16
A Perfect MomentEnchants a character granting them the marksman skill for a seasonDay22
Guardian GateEnchants a fortification to gather information about a territory and impede spy networksDay80
The Certainty of DoubtCurses a character so that any congregation they control provides half as much liao and votes for a yearNight16
Mirror of PerfectionUpgrade a mana site with iliumNight30
Flame and the FloodUpgrade a forest with iliumNight30
An Echo of SongsUpgrade a mine with iliumNight30
The Stargazer's AstrolabeGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly use detect magicNight8
Treacher's QuillSends a message to the eternal AgramantWinter2
Mark of AgramantPlaces an enduring magical mark on a target that can only be detected with detect magicWinter4
Unleash the Beasts WithinWith Agramant's aid, grants significant strength to a military unit that supports an Imperial armyWinter13
The Crimson FeastWith Agramant's aid, target gains three ranks of endurance for a season.Winter15
Thirst of the DevourerWith Agramant's aid, grants a target the ability to heal themselves when they successfully deliver an IMPALEWinter24
Loosen the ShacklesEnchants a campaign army with Agramant's aid, changing its quality and filling soldiers with murderous intentWinter80
Silence of the Bronze BellGrants a character with the dedicate skill the ability to remove auras with additional potencyWinter12
A Light That MovesEnchants a congregation for a season so that it provides additional votes and liao at the next summitDay18
Resolution of Falling StarsGrants a magician the ability to overcome roleplaying effects by spending personal manaDay6

This table summarises the rituals that have been placed in Urizen lore.

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