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This ritual was interdicted by the Imperial Conclave in Summer 384YE. It is currently illegal to perform this ritual or any arcane projection which substantially replicates its effects. It is not illegal to master the ritual or to possess a copy of its ritual text.
This ritual is part of Urizen lore rather than Imperial lore.


Winter Magnitude 20

Urizen Lore

This ritual is part of Urizen lore rather than Imperial Lore. Any Urizen character with the appropriate lore can master or perform this ritual. A character from another nation who mastered the ritual before it became part of Urizen lore may still perform it, but does so under the usual rules for performing a ritual learned from a ritual text.

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. At the end of the ritual one of the contributors is chosen to deliver the curse with a pronouncement of doom.

This effect is a curse. A target may be under more than one curse at a time.


This ritual creates a curse that is delivered to a target with a pronouncement of doom: one contributor is chosen to deliver the curse, and they must do so within fifteen minutes or it falls on their own head.

While under the effect of the curse, the character cannot make use of liao; they can't use or contribute to the performance of any Religious skill. This applies even if the character is using an ability or item that allows them to use religious skills without actually using any liao (such as the power of a Mendicant Cassock).

They also experience a roleplaying effect; you are assailed by doubt, especially as regards your strongest held convictions, and beliefs. The stronger you believe something to be true, the stronger the doubts become. Occasionally, you may hear a barely audible voice whispering in your ear, telling you that everything you believe is flawed and nothing more than fantasy. You may also occasionally glimpse of a gaunt, hateful spirit lurking nearby reflected in mirrors.

The effect of the ritual lasts for a year (until the start of the Profound Decisions Empire event four events from now).

Removing the Curse

The curse can be alleviated by an powerful exorcism as if it were a spirit with a strength of 20.



Common Elements