This table lists all the Winter magic rituals that are part of Imperial lore.

An Echo of Life RemainsIdentifies a corpse.2
Black Iron BladeCuts all bonds on target.2
Fallow Fields and Dried MeatAdd 18 rings to the production of a farm over winter.2
Hunger of the DraughirGrants one rank of fortitude and the ability to eat anything for a season.2
Mark the Flesh IncorruptiblePreserves a corpse.4
Tribute to the Thrice-Cursed CourtTrades crafted items for Winter vis.4
Words of EndingDestroys the magic of a crafted item.4
Surcease of SorrowKills a willing target and turns them into a pile of dust and ash.6
Wisdom of the Balanced BladeAnalyses a curse.6
Withering Touch of FrostCurses a character to lose a quarter of farm, forest and herb garden production for a year.6
Crumbling Flesh and Withering LimbsGrants ability to call CLEAVE with a rod twice each day for a season.8
Pakaanan's Iron ShuttersSeals a portal for ten minutes.8
Ruthless Vigilance, Healthy CropEnhances a herb garden, increasing production of each herb by two over next season.8
Traitor's FateAgree to let someone trigger a dangerous curse if they betray you.8
Freezing Brand of IrremaisBrands and influences a target.10
Ravenous Tongue of EntropyGrants the ability to cast shatter, weakness, and paralysis as if you know them.10
Fight Tooth and NailGrants two uses of unstoppable each day for a season.12
Unending OnslaughtGrants two uses of relentless each day12
Pallid Flesh of the Dead KingGrants three ranks of endurance for a season at the cost of persistent venom.13
Unyielding ConstitutionGrants the ability to endure the effects of traumatic wounds for a season.13
Hold Back Frozen HungerWards an area against the dead.14
Hungry Grasp of DespairGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly weaken their foes.14
Sorin's Chastising TouchGrants a magician the ability to repeatedly call CLEAVE with a rod.14
There Is No Welcome HereWard an area against eternals and heralds.14
Ward of the Black WasteWards an area against vallornspawn.14
Clarion Call of Ivory and DustConjures unliving winter troops to greatly enhance the rank of a military unit when fighting in support of an army.20
Coil of the Black LeechGrants a target the ability to heal themselves when they cast weakness.20
Devastating Scythe of Anguish and LossGrants ability to IMPALE foes with a staff.20
Dreadful EndingDestroys a Druj miasma pillar20
Gnawing, Endless HungerCurses a character with endless hunger and inability to benefit from potions.20
Last Breath EchoesRestores a terminal character for a short period before they die.20
Sorin's Rite of AgonyGrants 1 rank of winter lore for a season, and additional prowess with curses, at the cost of an unhealing wound20
Retreat to the White CavesWards an area against heralds for a season23
Wardens of the Black WasteWards an area against vallorn creatures for a season23
Dreamscape of the Endless HuntCurses a character with nightmares and removes ability to recover hero points or mana naturally.30
Icy Maw Devours the Spark of EssenceCurse a territory disrupting magicians, magical creatures, and mana sites.30
Naeve's Twisting BlightBlights all farms in a territory with a withering curse.30
Whispers through the Black GateSummons a dead spirit to answer questions.30
The Flower is Withered on the StalkWithers plant life in a region, damaging some magically created structures36
Inevitable Collapse into RuinDamages a battlefield fortification.40
Curse of DecrepitudeCurses a target with persistent WEAKNESS for a year.50
Howling Despite of the Yawning MawAllows one use of MASS WEAKNESS.50
Winter's GhostsCurses a territory with misery, harming all personal resources save congregations.50
The Grave's Treacherous EdgeAllows one use of MASS VENOM.60
Why Sulemaine Walked Away From The BakerEnchants a campaign army to allow it to endure venomous attacks.80
The Basalt CitadelCreates a temporary supernatural fortification in ruined region in a territory100
Quickening Cold MeatCreates a force of animated corpses that enhance the fighting strength of an army by 1000 for a year.150
Wind of Mundane SilenceDestroys a regio permanently.150
Wither the SeedDrastically reduces the fertility of an area for a generation.150

This table lists all the Winter magic rituals that are part of Urizen lore

Treacher's QuillSends a message to the eternal Agramant2
Mark of AgramantPlaces an enduring magical mark on a target that can only be detected with detect magic4
Silence of the Bronze BellGrants a character with the dedicate skill the ability to remove auras with additional potency12
Unleash the Beasts WithinWith Agramant's aid, significant strength to a military unit that supports an Imperial army13
The Crimson FeastWith Agramant's aid, target gains three ranks of endurance for a season.15
Chastise the FoolishCurses a target making them unable to use religious skills for a year20
Thirst of the DevourerWith Agramant's aid, grants a target the ability to heal themselves when they successfully deliver an IMPALE24
Loosen the ShacklesEnchants a campaign army with Agramant's aid, changing its quality and filling soldiers with murderous intent80
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