Winter Magnitude 13

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a character, who must be present throughout.

This spell is an enchantment. A target may only be under one enchantment effect at a time.


The target may ignore the roleplaying effects of traumatic wounds. The traumatic wound is still present, and can be healed as normal, but the target can endure the wound without penalty... until it kills them.

The target experiences a roleplaying effect; the target finds it increasingly difficult to care about injuries that are not incapacitating, and often forgets to seek out healing unless reminded to do so.

The effect lasts until the start of the next Profound Decisions Empire event.

Additional Targets

This ritual can affect additional characters from the same banner. Each additional character increases the magnitude by 7. Additional characters must be present throughout.


This ritual is often used in advance of situations where warriors know they will receive desperate injuries, allowing them to keep fighting. Warriors who find themselves in the thick of battle often embrace it, although in some battles it is much more useful than others. An engagement that includes wights, powerful beasts or the cruel weapons of the Druj barbarians are all much more likely to result in complications for the warriors involved.

The eternal Sorin is known to offer boons that enhance or empower the casting of this ritual, and it is sometimes known as That Which Does Not Kill Us after a saying allegedly attributed to the callous eternal king.

Common Elements

Common elements include washing away blood, especially with melted snow, but may also include rubbing soil into the injured location (especially when the caster or the target is a Marcher). paragons and exemplars may be invoked, especially those associated with determination and resilience, and the rune Jotra or Rhyv is used to encourage fortitude and determination as are the constellations of The Oak or The Drowned Man.