Winter Magnitude 2

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. This ritual targets a character or item which must be present throughout.

The ritual must include the use of an edged weapon or tool used to cut the target character or item.


This ritual breaks bonds in the same way as the create bond spell. The ritualist must touch the target item or character. The ritual severs any or all bonds connected to the target at the discretion of the casters.

Additional Targets

This ritual can affect additional targets. The magnitude increases by one for every additional target. All targets must be present throughout.

Additional Magnitude

When the ritual is performed on a single target, the magnitude can be increased to overcome effects that prevent the destruction of a bond, such as Riddle Hides the Reward or certain curses. If the magnitude of Black Iron Blade is at least equal to the magnitude of the effect, the bond is severed. This use of the ritual may permanently remove some cursed bonds, but is generally insufficient to remove more powerful and enduring effects. For example, an item that by its nature makes it hard to sever a bond created to it will not lose that property if a bond is severed with Black Iron Blade. When the magnitude of the ritual is increased and all bonds are targeted, the ritual severs any bond to the target that is the same or lower magnitude.


This ritual allows a magician or coven to simultaneously sever large numbers of bonds. It is sometimes used to dissolve an oathbound band, or to remove several characters simultaneously. While it is moderately expensive, at the point where it is necessary to cut five or more bonds at the same time it begins to become more appealing.

The ritual can also prove effective at dissolving bonds that cannot easily be cut in the traditional way. Certain shrouds, such as Riddle Hides the Reward can be negated through the use of Black Iron Blade provided it is performed at sufficient magnitude to overcome the power of the curse. The ritual has also proved effective when dealing with certain cursed items (and even artefacts) where destroying the item with Words of Ending was considered less than ideal. Genuinely cursed items that resist attempts to cut the bond created to them are thankfully rare but not unknown.

Common Elements

This ritual always involves a small cut or nick to the target, which is highly symbolic of the severing of the bond. Anything that cuts or unravels is also appropriate. Some ritualists tie a cord, ribbon or thread between the target and the item to be unbonded, and then ceremonially cut it at the climax of the spell. Others require the target to cast the item away, over their shoulder, or into a basin of water. Considering that any magician can perform create bond, mastery of this ritual is comparatively rare.

The rune Yoorn, especially when inscribed on shears, is a common element of this ritual. The name of the Eternal Kaela may be evoked, especially when cutting the bond between a cursed object and an individual - some magicians prefer to evoke the name of Wise Rangara, and symbolically unravel the bond rather than cutting it directly.