There is only one port available to Imperial characters with the fleet resource; Nemoria, jewel of the Asavean Archipelago.

Some Imperial fleets skirt the central islands of the archipelago and trade with the various smaller subject states dominated by the Asavean Satraps. These states tend to be poorer than Asavea itself, and trade in roughly the same goods (OOC: It is fine to role-play trading with one of the subject nations, but your character will receive the same goods regardless of whether they go to Nemoria proper or not.)


Jewel of the balmy Asavean Archipelago, the civilised folk of Nemoria welcome traders who bring exotic curiosities. White marble columns, exotic flowers, the hustle-and-bustle of the great wharf-side markets where slaves buy food for their noble masters from higher-ranking merchant slaves, Imperial vessels lie alongside ships from nations far to the west beneath the setting sun, unknown in the Empire.

A range of goods can be acquired by traders from the Empire visiting Nemoria. Foreign visitors enjoy a status within Asavean society roughly equivalent to that of a high-ranking slave, although they have more freedom to travel and trade. Still, a merchant must be cautious not to get on the wrong side of a politically powerful member of the Plenum caste - or one of their favoured slaves.

There is a temple of the Way in Nemoria - the Temple of the Seven Virtues, paid for by the Imperial Senate and constructed with the support of the Asavean Plenum. The priests there minister to local pilgrims, and compete with the followers of the Asavean god-spirits for the hearts and minds - and spirits - of the Nemorian people.

In addition to orichalcum and tempest jade from the mines of the subject territories, Asavea trades extensively in iridescent gloaming and rich dyes of all colours, luxurious jewelry and exotic food and drink from lands unknown to the Imperial citizenry. The warm forests of several islands are given over to the cultivation of Cerulean Mazzarine, which is also used in the many subtle and gorgeous blue dyes favoured by many Asaveans; with the growing political unrest in the Archipelago, however, this valuable healing herb is no longer available to foreign merchants. Rather, they are encouraged to fill their holds with luxury goods of all kinds which fetch a fine price in the markets of the Empire.

Trade with Nemoria

A starting fleet resource that engages in trade with Nemoria during downtime will produce 3 ingots of orichalcum, 3 measures of iridescent gloaming, 2 ingots of tempest jade, and 36 rings (representing luxury goods bought from or sold to the Asaveans). A fleet that has been upgraded will produce more valuable resources according to this chart of foreign ports.