There is only one port available to Imperial characters with the fleet resource and that is Sarcophan itself. In theory it would be possible for a ship to travel further up the Umshallah River, but the Sarcophan have intentionally made the river un-navigable beyond the great sweeping bay their city occupies. Anyone wishing to trade with the nations of the interior must do so through Sarcophan.


Built among the tombs of a dead civilisation, on the edge of a fetid herb-rich swamp, the Sarcophan Delves serve as the gateway to an unknown southern continent. The great palace of beggars looms over docks teeming with merchants from all over the known world. Black monoliths stare down with unseeing eyes on the descendants of tomb-robbers and thieves who stole their wealth from the crypts of their predecessors; the wide plazas are flooded with sea water or the fetid mud of the swamps; insects hungry for blood swarm in great black clouds kept at bay by pungent censers and fly whisks. This is Sarcophan, home to some of the richest - and the poorest - people in the world.

This great city is half again the size of Sarvos or Temeschwar and has perhaps twice the population of both cities combined. Many more citizens have draughir or briar lineage than is common in the Empire, and here and there among the crowds go the shrouded and masked Bloedzuiger priests.

Sarcophan is the site of one of the wonders of the world, the palace of beggars. Visible to mariners approaching the tomb-city from many miles out to sea, this black stone tower soars nearly four hundred feet into the skyhigh, and is said to extend great flooded galleries down into the ground beneath the city. The Sarcophan people did not build the palace, they merely occupied it when they claimed the city; at night a great beacon shines from the highest level, except on those nights when the Bedelaars meet in their great feast of politics.

Much of the wealth of Sarcophan came originally from the relics and goods they claim from the tombs and mausoleums of the fallen predecessor civilisation, and when a new crypt is uncovered the market is flooded with grave-goods and curios. Today the city thrives on the wealth of the marsh, and on trade with both foreign merchants and traders from the interior. The swamps around the city teem with life, and both Marrowort and Imperial Roseweald are harvested in great abundance. Sarcophan prides itself on being home to some of the most talented apothecaries in the wold. A prolific cousin of the beggarwood tree thrives in the stinking water and mud of the marshes, and columns of black smoke rise high into the air throughout the day as the scarred labourers harvest beggar's lye, often using the same furnaces to purify the weltsilver they pull from the tombs, ruins and flooded mines.

Trade with Sacrophan

A starting fleet resource that engages in trade with Sarcophan during downtime will produce 3 doses of marrowort and imperial roseweald, 3 measures of beggar's lye and 3 ingots of weltsilver. A fleet that has been upgraded will produce more valuable resources according to this chart of foreign ports.