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he Senate building has a large viewing gallery that runs alongside the main chamber available to any Imperial citizen - but especially to priests using the right of witness.


The Imperial Senate governs the Empire, and its authority extends to all areas of Imperial life not already covered by the other houses of government. Each summit the senators meet several times to deliberate and vote on the motions they have raised.

After the summit the civil service enact those motions, and ensure a public record of each is made available to the citizens of the Empire. This page lists all the motions raised during the summit, along with the announcements made by citizens with Imperial titles. In each case, the motion and its effects are summarized including the wording; who proposed and seconded it; whether it passed or not; whether any funds were disbursed to support it; and what the outcome of the motion will be.

Many motions (especially the commissions) also have a Further Details section that provides a link to a wiki page dealing specifically with that motion in more detail, any commentary from the Constitutional Court, progress on commissions, or expanded information about the outcome of the motion.


  • Imperial treasury during this season announced by the civil service at 1184 thrones and 4 crowns

Senate Motions

Raise Wintermark army

  • Motion: To raise a Wintermark army supported by the consecration of the Kallavesa marshes. Wintermark's ambition is to field a fourth army. Every single one of you, my beloved and esteemed colleagues' great nations, have benefited from my unbridled support to levy and improve your armies and military situations. Proposed: Hahnmark, Seconded: Sermersuaq.
  • Passed at 400 thrones
  • Outcome: 400 thrones disbursed to Senator Hahnmark. A fourth Wintermark army will begin to raise in Sermersuaq
  • Further Details: here

Disburse funds for the Black Canal

  • Motion: Disbursement of funds for the Black Canal project. Proposed: Upwold, Seconded: Bastion.
  • Passed at 19 thrones and 6 crowns
  • Outcome: 19 thrones and 6 crowns disbursed to Senator Upwold
  • Further Details: Supports the construction of the Black Canal in the Marches.

Cede Trajadoz

  • Motion: To cede the town of Trajadoz in Madruga to the Marracossans living there, and creating the Brass Coats National Bourse position of "Marracossa Sendito" appointed by Tally of the Votes of the fleet owners in the usual manner. Proposed: Madruga, Seconded: Segura.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The position of Marracossa Sendito will be available to appoint at the Spring Equinox 385YE.
  • Further Details: here.

Exploit Tassatan Hills

  • Motion: That there is a disbursal of funds to take advantage of the Mestran Hills opportunity. This will create a bourse seat producing ilium. This seat will be assigned as a League national position to be selected by a Tally of the Votes of business owners. Proposed: Tassato, Seconded: Mitwold.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Exploit the hills above Tassato as detailed in the Light upon the water wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Disburse funds for military resupply

  • Motion: To disburse funds for military resupply to William Lowther, Senator for Mitwold. Proposed: Mitwold, Seconded: Kallavesa.
  • Passed at 500 thrones
  • Outcome: 500 Thrones disbursed to Senator Mitwold

Expand Pride of Ikka's Tears

  • Motion: To expand the mithril mine the Pride of Ikka's Tears, including additional investment in transport infrastructure to increase the outpost to 22 wains per season, Proposed: Sermersuaq, Seconded: Hahnmark.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Expands the Pride of Ikka's Tears as detailed in the Write the lines wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Establish Cerevado Nets

  • Motion: To establish a new Brass Coast Bourse seat at Crevado in Segura using nets and traps to collect ilium from the Scorrero river. Proposed: Semmerholm, Seconded: Weirwater.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Establishes a new bourse seat as detailed in the Drums beat in my head wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Amend tariffs of Sarcophan Delves

  • Motion: Motion to move to free trade with the Sarcophan Delves. The Senate expresses preference that the dock we are granted access to in return is the Beltovering Docks. Proposed: Miaren, Seconded: Holberg.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Amends the tariffs with the Sarcophan Delves to free trade. This has lead to a reciprocal gesture by the Delves,who have opened the port of Betovering to Imperial fleets.

Appraise Kahraman

  • Motion: To send Naomi of Virtues Rest to appraise Kahraman for ways to restore or improve the infrastructure destroyed recently; including any revised proposals for the Cinnabar Roads. Proposed: Kahraman, Seconded: Madruga.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: An appraisal will be published before the Spring Equinox 385YE.

Appraise Pilgrims of the Way

  • Motion: To request Naomi appraise the means by which pilgrims of the Way from foreign nations can be enabled and encouraged to make pilgrimage to the Empire with a possible focus on escalating Bastion and the territories of the Bay of Catazar to the challenge of Timoj. Proposed: Necropolis, Seconded: Casinea.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: As this is the second appraisal passed by the Senate the Imperial Auditor, Gerard La Salle, will determine who will undertake this appraisal for the Senate as Naomi of Virtue's Rest cannot complete both.

Retrain Researchers

  • Motion: To retrain one of the historical researchers as a prognosticator of appraisals. Proposed: Casinea, Seconded: Necropolis.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The total number of pieces of historical research the civil service can produce each season is reduced by one. The total number of appraisals the civil service can produce each season is increased by one. The Constitutional Court note that it will not be a simple matter to reverse this decision. Without a new opportunity, abrogating this motion will remove the additional appraisal but will not automatically return the civil servants involved to the Department of Historical Research. As detailed in the Watches from the Wall wind of fortune.

Rename Crawling Depths

  • Motion: To rename the mine and corresponding seat known as The Crawling Depths in Ossium to The Vale of the Sunless Depths. Proposed: Ossium, Seconded: Karsk.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: The Crawling Depths has been renamed the Vale of the Sunless Depths. The name has not entirely caught on - local Varushkans claim that it is not a vale because it exists under an established town. They are adopting Sunless Depths, however, with some enthusiasm.

Remove Miasma in Zenith

  • Motion: This motion is to instruct the civil service to hire sentinels, sword scholars, magicians, and priests to work together to systematically remove the miasma pillars in Zenith each season until complete. It will cost 75 thrones taken directly from the Imperial treasury each season the miasma endures. Proposed: Morrow, Seconded: Therunin.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Begins to clear the miasma pillars from Zenith. It will cost 75 Thrones each season until the entire territory is cleansed of Druj miasma. Detailed in the Write your own ending wind of fortune.

Create Witness of Conclave

  • Motion: Motion to create the title of Witness of Conclave, to be appointed by Conclave, to identify sorcerers, and those who should no longer be sorcerors, in the Empire. The witness shall have the power to raise a single Declaration of Sorcery in the Conclave per summit. The witness shall also investigate and or inquisit those with an Imperial Conclave title, to ensure they are not becoming corrupt with power. Witness of Conclave shall have regalia as detailed in civil service reports. Proposed: Miekarova, Seconded: Mournwold.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: During Scrutiny, the Constitutional Court expressed some caution around the use of the word "inquisit" in the motion. They determined however that the word is simply a description of what the title should do as part of its responsibilities, rather than an attempt to give a title appointed by the Imperial Conclave power in the Imperial Synod. If the title were explicitly giving the Witness the power to use a judgement of Inquisition, it would require significant additional scrutiny. It's also notable that the criteria for only one of the three regalia offered by Imperial citizens is met by this motion - that of Lost Lore Steading. If the Senate wishes to take advantage of the offers of the Marcher threshers and Highborn magistrates they have until the end of the Spring Equinox to amend the title's responsibilities appropriately. More information on the opportunity can be found in the Bad blood wind of fortune. The title of Witness of Conclave has been created and will be available to appoint at the Spring Equinox 385YE.

Amend Imperial Seer

  • Motion: To amend the powers of the Imperial Seer to include a stipend. Proposed: Weirwater, Seconded: Hercynia.
  • Passed at 40 thrones
  • Outcome: The powers of the Imperial Seer have been changed to add a seasonal stipend of 40 thrones.

Ratify treaty with Kaliact

  • Motion: To ratify a treaty with Salt Lord Kaliact Proposed: Reikos, Seconded: Volodmartz.
  • Failed
  • Further Details: The treaty, and the comments of the Constitutional Court during Scrutiny, can be found here.


Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy

  • Motion: Elect the Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy. Proposed: Karov, Seconded: Hercynia.
  • Outcome: Cedric Gallows of Navarr was elected as Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy
  • Further Details: This motion was initially raised during the final Senate session of the Autumn Equinox summit, and was appointed as first order of business during the Winter Solstice.

Ambassador to the Grendel

Ambassador to Axos

Ambassador to Jarm

Ambassador to the Sumaah Republic

Ambassador to the Commonwealth

Imperial Throne

  • Motion: To call an election for the Imperial Throne. Proposed: Hercynia, Seconded: Astolat.
  • Outcome: None elected

Commissions (Senate)

Construct Atalaya Harbour

  • Motion: To disburse funds for and rebuild Atalaya Harbour to permit it to cheaply upgrade Freeborn fleets. This will not count as a shipyard. Proposed: Segura, Seconded: Kahraman.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Constructs the Atalaya Harbour as detailed in the The power behind our moves wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Construct Trading Hall at Wreck

  • Motion: To commission the Trading Hall at Wreck, a ministry to buy ilium, in East Floes, Sermersuaq. The holder, the Mediator of Wreck, will be appointed by the Tally of the Votes of Wintermark. Self Funded. This will allow us to trade food for ilium with the Thule, so they may feed their people and navigate the prosperous path after abolishing slavery. Proposed: Kallavesa, Seconded: Karov.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Creates a trading hall in Wreck, as detailed in the Write the lines wind of fortune
  • Further Details: here

Construct Ossuary Temple

  • Motion: Construct a folly, the Ossuary Temple, in Southpine, Skarsind. 60 wains of white granite and 120 crowns. To be ceded to the Illarawm sept. Proposed: Redoubt, Seconded: Skarsind.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Creates a temple for the bones recovered from Ossium by the Illarawm sept as detailed in the All too well wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Fortify Lustri

  • Motion: To construct a fortification in Lustri, Zenith. Requires Senate funds over the year. Proposed: Zenith, Seconded: Morrow.
  • Passed
  • Outcome:
  • Further Details: here

Construct Ethengraw Armoury

  • Motion: To commission a folly - smithy and armoury in Gildermark. 60 wains of mithril. 120 crowns. Folly to be ceded to the Ethengraw. Proposed: Skarsind, Seconded: Redoubt.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Creates a armoury-smithy for the Ossium by the Ethengraw sept as detailed in the All too well wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Expand Academy of Arms

  • Motion: A motion to expand the Academy of Arms in Siluri. It would create an Imperial title Prelate of Adelmar's Shrine which would provide 10 liao and 20 votes in the Synod. Appointed annually by judgement of the Ambition Assembly. It would alow one starting military unit to train at the academy each season to gain a free upgrade. No mithril required. This opportunity is time limited, unavailable after Spring. It requires a commission slot, 25 wains of white granite, 50 crowns, and would take three months to construct. Self funded. Proposed: Karsk, Seconded: Ossium.
  • Failed

Reconstruct Golden Cascade

  • Motion: Motion to reconstruct the Golden Cascade in Proceris, Zenith Proposed: Mournwold, Seconded: Zenith.
  • Passed at 200 thrones
  • Outcome: 200 thrones disbursed to Senator Mournwold. Reconstructs the Golden Cascade as detailed in the Write your own ending wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Construct the Great Chains of Sarvos

  • Motion: To commission and authorise the disbursement of funds to build "The Great Chains of Sarvos", an opportunity to construct a grand fortification which protects Sarvos, and the south coast from current and future threats. Proposed: Sarvos, Seconded: Temeschwar.
  • Failed

Construct Thornsong House

  • Motion: To construct Thornsong House to honour the heritage of healers and apothecaries in Therunin. This unique hospital college will allow the Empire to research new potions for the first time and create a centre for potion-lore in the Empire. The title of "Thornsinger", responsible for overseeing and guiding the research, will be appointed annually vs Tally of the Votes. The title will have the ability to address Senate to announce their chosen research focus. Like other Imperial research functions, there will be an upkeep cost - 10 thrones as season. This is a unique, limited opportunity. Proposed: Therunin, Seconded: Reikos.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Construct the Thornsong House as detailed in the Make a deal wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Construct Temeschwar University Department of Architecture

  • Motion: A motion to construct the Temeschwar University Department of Architecture. Location: Hanuri, Temeschwar. Cost: 60 wains of white granite, 30 wains of weirwood, 180 crowns, 6 months. Effect: creates Imperial Title "Master of Rings". Imperial Title: Master of Rings. Appointment: Annually, League Tally of the Votes. Removal: National League Asssembly/General Assembly/Assembly of Nine. Powers: One civilian build commission a season, and access to a white granite, mithril, weirwood ministry. Responsibility: To use their power to generate as much wealth as possible for the merchant-princes of Temschwar, and for the League, as possible. Proposed: Temeschwar, Seconded: Semmerholm.
  • Passed
  • Outcome: Construct the Department of Architecture as detailed in the Back in the same place wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: The Constitutional Court has pointed out that a title appointed via the Tally of the Votes cannot be revoked by the Synod. Further details are here.

Construct Laroc Tournament Grounds

  • Motion: To build the tournament grounds of Laroc in Astolat. Proposed: Astolat, Seconded: Tassato.
  • Passed at 50 thrones
  • Outcome: 50 Thrones disbursed to Senator Astolat. Construct the Laroc tournament grounds as detailed in the Good old smooth red wine wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Commissions (Announcements)

Construct Parador Salt and Sand

  • Motion: I announce the construction of the Parador of Salt and Sand, taking advantage of the opportunity to build a mana ministry in Quzar, Madruga.
  • Announced: by Bakar i Riqueza, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave
  • Outcome: Constructs a ministry allowing the purchase of mana as detailed in the The power behind our moves wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Construct Kleist's Winter Gardens

  • Motion: Holberg Endures! Skathe the Hag Queen cursed Holmauer Park with Winter magic. This commission builds Kleist's Winter Gardens at the Holberg University Duelling Grounds. We can use Marcher menhirs to channel that Winter magic to grow herbs. The Imperial title will be "Tender of Kleist's Winter Gardens". This title is appointed annually by Imperial Bourse Auction. This is a well-worn path. We are Kleist von Ennerlund, Vintners and Victuallers of Holberg. We are self-funding this commission to the tune of 15 white granite, 15 weirwood and about 25 thrones. Auctioning it brings coin into the Senate budget. We support our Empire because we are League, and for the benefit of our beloved city Holberg.
  • Announced: by Bernhard Kleist Von Ennerlund, Bearer of an Imperial Wayleave.
  • Outcome: Constructs a herb sinecure as detailed in the In the garden of defiance wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: Complications have arisen with this commission. Details are here.

Construct Crucible of Fate

  • Motion: I Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of Koboldi hereby announce that this season's project ill be the Crucible of Fate in Zenith. The roads may be broken in Kahraman but the spirits are broken in Zenith. Rebuillding the workshop where the ushabti were first created will provide tools both spiritual and physical. This will be a focal point in defining their identitay as a territory and cause a mandate opportunity for the Urizeni National Assembly. The funding is being organised by Zenith Ascendant, gathering prosperous donations from the people of Urizen. A full list of donors will be available on completion. They have gathered over half of the materials already and are continuing to receive more.
  • Announced: by Sagua i'Ezmara, Master of the Koboldi
  • Outcome: Constructs a foundry in Iteri as detailed in the Write your own ending wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here

Reconstruct Starlight Drift of Shimmering Snow

  • Motion: Commission mana sinecure. Endsmeet, Zenith. Starlight Drift of Shimmer Snow. Title - Custodian of the Starlight Drift. 6 mithril. 7 thrones.
  • Announced: by Bleakshield Groza, Legion Engineer
  • Outcome: Constructs a mana sinecure in Occursion as detailed in the Write your own ending wind of fortune.
  • Further Details: here


Imperial Breadbasket

  • Motion: The Imperial Breadbasket will be aimed at Marcher territories to help with refugees.
  • Announced: by Lily Guildenstern, Keeper of the Breadbasket
  • Details: There is no current opportunity to support refugees with the Imperial Breadbasket. The Keeper of the Breadbasket can only use their announcement to indicate support for an Imperial nation whose armies are decaying due to lack of supply, or to respond to specific opportunities.

Assign Guerdon

  • Motion: Aportion the Guerdon. Winter 384YE. To the following armies of the Empire: Strong Reeds, Wolves of War, Hounds of Glory, Seventh Wave, Citadel Guard, Winter Sun
  • Announced: by Starac Sijed Orzel, Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies.

Research vision of Arsenio Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato

  • Motion: I Jared of the Suns of Couros and Lepidean Librarian instruct the Lepidean University to investigate the past life vision of Arsenio Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato experienced during the Autumn Equinox gathering 384YE where they were Saul of the Cora, a pre-Imperial wayfarer and "pilgrim of the lesser way" who sailed from Pharos to either Asavea or Asavean dominated pre-republic Sumaah. There they were imprisoned and executed for preaching the Way of Virtue. By dedicating a dying prisoner to Loyalty they may have started the embers of the Sumaah conversion. I wish to investigate this to bolster the bonds between Sumaah and the Empire through our common faith and commitment to spreading it across the world.
  • Announced: by Jared. Lepidean Librarian

Research orc guards of Ahraz

  • Motion: To learn the origin, names and deeds of the 10 orcs interred with Empress Ahraz. To explore the detail of events there; including the nature of interrment of the orcs.
  • Announced: by Vaclav Mladenovich Kosti. Minister of Historical Research
  • Further Details: As the Senate voted to retrain historical researchers no historical research will be done on this subject.