To cede the town of Trajadoz in Madruga to the Marracossans living there, and creating the Brass Coats National Bourse position of "Marracossa Sendito" appointed by Tally of the Votes of the fleet owners in the usual manner.

Proposed: Madruga, Seconded: Segura


  • Cedes the town of Trajadoz to the Marracossan Exiles, a group of former citizens of the Asavean Archipelago who came to the Empire as exiles following the short-lived Asavean civil war.
  • Passed


  • Winter 384YE


No costs to the Empire


  • The town of Trajadoz in Mardruga now belongs to the Maracossan exiles, who are free to operate there as they please. This will include the ability to construct buildings - such as the temple they have previously requested - if they have the materials.
  • It also creates a title, the Marracossa Sendito, who will represent the Empire to the Marracossans, and vice versa. They also gain access to a ministry allowing them to purchase some of the magic items the émigré artisans can create - some of which are unknown in the Empire.
  • The title is a Brass Coast national position, and will be appointed annually at the Spring Equinox by Tally of the Votes.