This section of the crew wiki contains useful information for all crew. Please take the time to read through this section of the wiki as it will help you get up to speed on what is involved in crewing a PD event. We want everyone who attends a PD event - both crew and players - to have a good time - and a little bit of preparation can help to make sure that happens.



This is the core information that is applicable to all crew. Everyone should make sure they have read this and understand the basic procedures.



The crew organization tells you how the crew are organized, what the different departments do and who is in charge of the different areas of the crew.

Crew protocol


Crew protocol is a pair of core principles that apply to all crew. These are general principles on how to efficiently handle problems and queries at an event.

New crew


This section is explicitly for any new crew who have never crewed a Profound Decisions event before. It explains the basics of what is involved and what to bring.

Food and Drink


There is free food and drink for all crew attending a PD event - this section explains what is provided and the meal ticket system we use for ensuring crew get fed.

Time Off


All crew get some time off during the event, so that they have a chance to relax. These guidelines tell you what you can do when you're not crewing.