The single biggest risk to participants at our events arises from the use of vehicles in close proximity to pedestrians. These rules are intended to reduce those risks as far as possible - to try to ensure that you are never involved in a serious accident.

The point of this document is to ensure that you never get out of a vehicle at an event to discover you have just run over a young child. Please keep that in mind when reading.


Several factors make vehicle operation at events more dangerous. These rules are for everyone, especially experienced drivers. Notable problems at events are:

  1. No clear roads - vehicles are often in use near pedestrians.
  2. Poor ground conditions - the ground is often treacherous and muddy.
  3. Pressure - events are stressful environments.


From 2016 onwards we are operating a sign-off system. Crew muist be signed off before operating a vehicle on site to do PD work, either their own 4x4s or a vehicle supplied by us.

Sign off will be done by the Site Manager (Alison Pennington) for heavy machinery or 4x4s or by the ATV manager (Phil or Heather Clayton) for the ATVs.

Sign off consists of confirming that you have read and understood our vehicle safety rules and a short demonstration of effective use of the vehicle.

Follow Guidance

Make sure you follow all the instructions given to you by the Site Manager (4x4 or heavy machinery) or the ATV manager (ATV).


Do not leave a vehicle running after you get out. Do not leave the keys in an ATV if you need to leave the vehicle.

Keys for any PD vehicle should be handed to GOD when you are finished using the vehicle. If you are handing the vehicle to another member of crew, then radio vehicle control at GOD to authorize the hand over, even if it is your own 4x4.


Vehicle lights must be kept on at all times between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am.Do not operate a vehicle without lights during these hours.


Any crew member operating a vehicle should have a radio. In addition you should have an instruction sheet and hi-vis jacket, in case you need to get a banksman.

Vehicle Checks

Check before use that your vehicle has no punctures and no pegs sticking out of tyres. Check the lights and that there are no fuel, oil or coolants leaks underneath.

Speed Limits

The speed limit is 15mph on the road between the quiet camping field and the out-of-character field.

The speed limit is 10mph everywhere else on the site.

Pathways + Reversing

The camp site has designated pathways for you to drive on. Wherever possible stay on the designated pathway and avoid reversing. If you need to reverse your vehicle or leave the path, then you must obtain a banksman to ensure that you can maneuver safely.

If you can avoid reversing or leaving the path - then you do not need to get a banksman.


Any participant at the event can act as a banksman for your vehicle. Give them a hi-vis waistcoat and confirm that they have read the banksman sheet. The sheet will explain the procedures to your volunteer. Once read they can safely accompany your vehicle.


Do not use or move a trailer with your vehicle unless you have been signed off to do so by PD.

Do not allow a trailer you are using to be over-filled. An over laden trailer can jack knife or even roll the vehicle you are operating.

ATVs are designed to move small loads only - do not move a trailer with an ATV without approval from the ATV manager.


Do not drive a vehicle if you are sufficiently intoxicated that you would not be legal to drive a vehicle on the roads.