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Guidelines for non-photography crew

Crew members are still subject to the general photography rules as can be found on the main wiki. If you have committed to a role within another department then you must fulfil all expectations of that department before taking time off to shoot. If you would like to shoot some pictures, please follow the usual procedure of emailing to request a place shooting a battle.

If your role allows you access to places, situations or players that you would otherwise not have access to as a regular player, please consider if it is appropriate to put images of those situations onto the internet. An example of this situation would be the World Forge at Odyssey, which crew have more access to than many of the players. Please help ensure that special parts of the game world like this do still remain a mystery!

Wiki Imagery

Copyrighted Material

It should go without saying that we do not want imagery on the wiki that we do not have permission to use. The default assumption should be that you cannot use an image unless you explicitly have evidence to show that you can. Merely being available on the internet does not make an image 'fair game' for use on the wiki.

There are several ways that you can ensure an image is ok for use on the wiki:

  1. Use an image from a crew photographer. Anyone who edits the wiki can email photography crew to get access to a library of images suitable for wiki use. This has the benefit of filling the wiki full of images from the game world.
  2. Obtain permission from the photographer and display their information within a special category page on the wiki. All images from that photographer should then have the standard accreditation template inserted.
  3. Use an image with the correct creative commons license. Crucially we must use creative commons licenses that allow for commercial use. In addition all images with creative commons licenses must be attributed properly. Some websites have the ability to search images tagged with creative commons licenses - Flickr is particularly good for this. Make sure you also tick the 'find content to use commercially' box. However a little common sense is required here - not all images tagged with a creative commons license will have been done so legally. Just because you take a picture of something in a museum for example, does not mean that you can distribute it for commercial use (check the individual terms of the entrance ticket).

Images that are not ok to use on the wiki:

  1. Images where you have no idea of the author.
  2. Images taken as screenshots from film and TV.
  3. Creative Commons images that display the icon showing a dollar sign with a line through. These images are not ok for commercial use.

Crew Photographers:

Other Image Creators:


Following best practices for attribution are important. If you cannot give all the following information then it's possible that the image shouldn't be used on the wiki:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Source
  • License

Known photographers

Creative Commons

Images licensed under creative commons need to be attributed in a particular way. Here's an example:

Medieval Beekeeper
A Medieval Beekeeper

If you check the file page the following attribution is included:

"Medieval Beekeeper" by Hans Splinter is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Or in other words: "TITLE" by ARTIST is licensed under LICENSE.

Including these details allow the content creators to find where their work is being used on the internet, as well as to fulfil the terms of the license that we are using the images under.