Crewing an event is often a physically demanding experience, and staying well fed is important for continued well-being and endurance. Each member of the crew should collect crew meal tickets from GOD. You will receive enough vouchers for the entire weekend; from Thursday evening until Monday lunch-time (for 4-day events) or Sunday morning (for 3-day events). The vouchers will have your name on - please be careful not to lose them.

Each voucher can be exchanged with any of the food vendors on-site for a meal up to to £5.50 in value. If you want a more expensive meal from one of vendors then you will need to pay the difference.


There are snacks, usually flapjacks and chocolate, freely available throughout the event from the crew hut which is located between GOD and monster at most events. If you can't find any snacks in the crew hut - because everything has been eaten - then please let someone from the crew welfare team know about it, so that they replenish supplies.



Hot drinks are freely available from the crew hut throughout the event. There is a gas water boiler here which provides a constant supply of hot water - provided it is kept topped up. If the boiler runs dry then there is no water for anyone and it can easily be damaged. Please top up the boiler if you are able to, or let crew welfare know if it is empty and you are not able to refill it.

Soft drinks are freely available for crew from the bar throughout the event. Just go to the bar, show them your crew meal tickets and you will get free soft drinks.

Every member of crew is entitled to a single free alcoholic drink from the bar during the event as thanks for the hard work. A ticket for a free drink will be included in your crew meal ticket set.

Site set-up

Most of the on-site caterers do not offer catering before Thursday evening - when the crew meal tickets become valid. If you are on-site before this time - and helping with the event set-up - then you can obtain a meal from the Skian Mhor. There are no crew tickets at this time, just give them your name and they will make a note of it for our bill, and give you your meal.