Conclave Titles

Realm Archmage Order Grandmaster
Winter Savik Summerstorm Celestial Arch Sejanus Shatterspire
Spring Kallendar Stormcrow Golden Pyramid William Bolholt
Summer Corvus Auric Horizon Rod and Shield Meir Pathfinder
Autumn Maurice de Gauvain Sevenfold Path Jessica Suns of Couros
Day Callisius Quicksilver Shuttered Lantern Wyrda Bjornadottir
Night Baba Ana Unfettered Mind Alexei

Other Titles

Septima Shatterspire


Nature of Declaration Substance of Declaration Made By Made or Not Made?
Enmity Zand, Eternal of Autumn, to be named an enemy of the Empire for sending heralds to Anvil offering to make trades for Imperial souls Archmage Maurice de Gauvain Made
Sorcery Cnaeus to be named a sorcerer who turned himself and others near Endsmeet Spire into feral creatures Sejanus Shatterspire Made


Gambit Raised By Gambit Raised For
Sevenfold Path 32 mana to perform Fight Tooth and Nail upon generals and other targets as appropriate in preparation for the battle on Sunday
Celestial Arch 35 mana to perform 5 castings of Eyes of the Sun and Moon
Shuttered Lantern 30 mana to perform several castings of Horizon's Razor Edge
Unfettered Mind 30 mana; 15 mana for performances of Bright Lantern of Ophis and 15 for unspecified research
Golden Pyramid 17 mana, 1 ilium, 2 ingots of metals, 1 dram of true vervain, 1 dram of herb and 1 Cr 5r for use in experimentation with Scales of Ephisis
Archmage of Autumn 18 mana to empower 20 people in four bands from four nations with Splendid Panoply of Knighthood
Iulian Shatterspire 24 mana for two castings of Fountain of Life
Sejanus SHatterspire 20 mana for two castings of Shroud of Mist and Shadow to support the armies in the next season
Rod and Shield 14 ilium to produce an artefact Ambergelt Baton for the Warmage
Golden Pyramid 6 Thrones and 5 crystal mana to be given to a Bursar for the Conclave
Shuttered Lantern 15 crystals for Alexei for analytical rituals
Unfettered Mind Resources to create a Syphon of Stars coven stone