Nature of Declaration Substance of Declaration Made By Made or Not Made?
Candidacy Archmage of Spring Mira Tangled Thorn Kallendar Stormcrow declared
Concord The Conclave expects an address if you don't complete a Gambit promptly Tiberius Echostorm Declaration rejected
Candidacy Imperial Warmage - Vaan declared as Warmage
Concord There should be Synod oversight of interactions with Realm creatures. They are deceptive, inhuman and we put a great deal of trust in them Obadiah Declaration rejected
Imperial Lore A ritual to discover the disposition of armues and forces Simargl, Dean of the Lyceum Declaration made
Enmity Skathe Cardinal Ynez di Caricomare Declaration rejected
Concord It should be possible to outbid extended comments by paying more mana into the vaults Unknown Declaration rejected
Candidacy Archmage of Spring - Iulian Shatterspire declared as Archmage
Concord The Sevenfold Path is the most powerful Conclave Order Gerant i Erigo Declaration made
Interdiction The skin burning potion desired by Autumn Eternals to make silver heralds into gold ones Isobel i Erigo Declaration rejected
Concord Placing auras before or during a Conclave is a misuse of magic and therefore a sorcererous act Palaphon Ankarian, Grandmaster of the Unfettered Mind Declaration rejected
Candidacy Archmage of Winter Savik Summerstorm Cyrus Skybreaker declared as Archmage
Concord The Conclave should back the re-creation of a Rune Forge. It will be self-funded. Eat at Tykes. Edmundo i Jannat i Riqueza Declaration made
Concord Artisans should be counted as magicians and have the right to vote in Conclave. I know they can't get in but I am working on getting them in. Edmundo i Jannat i Riqueza Declaration rejected
Concord The Conclave should withold all military assistance until the Senate permits construction of a new college of magic Unknown Declaration rejected