Nature of Declaration Substance of Declaration Made By Made or Not Made?
Imperial Lore Clad in Summer Raiment Simargl, Dean of the Lyceum Declaration made
Reconciliation The Baton of Nicovar Meir Pathfinder Declaration made
Concord Sorcerers should not be permitted to interact with heralds and Eternals unless explicitly given permission by an Archmage Darius Auric Horizon Declaration made
Enmity Lady Shard Bron Holdfast Declaration rejected
Sorcery Vashti's Penitents Isobel i Erigo Declaration made
Enmity Surut of the Thrice Cursed Court Emilia de Rondell Declaration made
Amity Ylenrith Sejanus Shatterspire Declaration rejected
Concord The actions of Vashti's Penitents caused the war with Eleonaris. Things with Eleonaris were nearly fixed until her herald was killed today. She has given us an ultimatum which we will not fulfil, to execute the Penitents. Corvus Auric Horizon Declaration made
Concord The records of Imperial Lore regarding the ritual Quickening Cold Meat should be updated to record the unintended effects where Marcher hearth magic regarding death traditions was violated and Jack of the Marches' form became deathlike Nicholas Reaper Declaration made
Amity Skathe of the Thrice Cursed Court Proxy Archmage for Winter Declaration made
Amity Ylenrith Edmundo i Jannat i Riqueza Declaration rejected narrowly
Sorcery Jael of Vashti's Penitents Declaration made
Sorcery Eli of Vashti's Penitents Declaration made
Concord The Sevenfold Path's manifesto should change from "human destiny" to "destiny of the souls of Imperial citizens" Jessica of the Suns of Couros Declaration made
Concord Nobody should breed with Yaw'nagrah's Heralds until we know the effects in greater detail. Iulian Shatterspire Declaration made